+ Faux Fur Week Day 2: Boxy Fur Vest Tutorial

Oh how I wish I could find huge plush fur fabric. This was the plushest I could find. Still loving it, especially because it takes 20 minutes to make and it needs very little fabric. Next time I’m going to buy more fur fabric and make it a tad longer. LOVING fur vests though, now that I have one!
measuring tape
sewing machine
Instructions for measurements/cutting:
1. The main back piece of the vest – measure from shoulder to shoulder, this will be the width from top to bottom. The length depends on how long you want it + 2″ for hemming and seam allowance.
2. Two front vest pieces – half of the shoulder to shoulder measurement + 2″. Make the length the same length as you made the back main piece.
* Make sure to add an inch to the width of the two front vest lining pieces.
3. Arm holes – measure from top of shoulder to under the armpit to the top of shoulder + 2″ divide by 2.
Instructions for sewing:
1. Pin the front vest piece to the main back piece with right sides together (fur facing each other) with arm hoes lined up. Sew From the arm pit to the bottom and sew from the end of the shoulder to the neckline. Repeat with the other side of the front vest piece. Hem the bottom of the vest’s lining and the vest about an inch, make sure the lining is hemmed shorter than the vest.
2. Repeat with the lining.
3. Pin the lining to the vest, with right sides together. Pin it together at the collar, matching up the shoulder seams, through to the ends of the vest.
4. Flip right side out, and pin the arm holes of the vest and lining together. Rolling the vest’s armholes over the lining and hand stitching or sewing the edge down.


  1. Try this site for your faux furs. I got a great red/black faux fox with 3ish inch pile that I used to make a super trendy infinity snood.

  2. I have a feeling I’m going to need to stock up on faux fur.

  3. OMG I’m loving these tutorials! Thank you for sharing, I’ve been on such a faux fur kick lately! This came at the perfect time!


  4. How much (in yards) of fur do you need for the vest? Thanks!

  5. Ok, you must of been thinking of me when you had your last 2 posts in mind haha. I have been wanting one of these vests for my daughter and have been patiently waiting for them to go on sale. The hat and vest tutorial makes my week :) Your work is so awesome. THANK YOU!!
    Can’t wait to get started on these projects. Hope they turn out alright. Now I am excited to see what you will post next!!

  6. love this liz! good to see that you are back! i want to make like 25 of these…but you still need to teach me how to sew!

  7. I have so much faux leftover from Halloween and tried a vest myself that DID NOT turn out! Trying this out my next free weekend I have! Looks amazing in the pics! Thanks so much!

  8. Cute idea for a vest!
    I like your tutorials, and since I sew my clothes too, I looks pretty easy!
    Great blog!
    I’m a new follower!

  9. Love this! I think I’ll go out and get some fur tomorrow…
    Could you post some colour pictures? I’d love to see how you mixed up the colours of the vest with the rest of the outfit. I’d hate to make something that only looks good with black or white!

  10. what great tutorial! thanks for sharing!!! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  11. so cute. I’m totally going to do this. A fur vest was on my list and now I know what to do. Thanks

  12. So cute! I just made something similar recently for my daughter out of a pleather jacket that was lined with faux leopard inside. I flipped it, cut off the sleeves and sewed the trim. Turned out sooo cute! And it cost me $3.99 at Goodwill. :-)



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