+ Faux Fur Week Day 4: Boxy Fur Coat Tutorial

Love how this turned out. I just wish I had a little more fabric to make it a little longer in the sleeves and the length. But I still like how it turned out! It says you need both a yard of fur and a yard of lining, but I only used 2/3 yard because that was all I had left! But it worked out.
1 yard of fur
1 yard of lining
thread that matches fur
flexible measuring tape
sewing machine

Instructions for measurements/cutting:

1. The main back piece of the coat – measure from shoulder to shoulder, this will be the width from top to bottom. The length depends on how long you want it + 2″ for hemming and seam allowance.
2. Two front coat pieces – half of the shoulder to shoulder measurement + 2″. Make the length the same length as you made the back main piece.
* Make sure to add an inch to the width of the two front coat lining pieces.
3. Arm holes – measure from top of shoulder to under the armpit to the top of shoulder + 2″ divide by 2.
4. Sleeves – measure the length from the top of the shoulder to your wrist + 2″. The width is the measurement around your arm + 2″. The round part at the top is as long as the top of your shoulder to under the armpit back to the top of the shoulder again + 2″.
Instructions for sewing:
1. Pin the front coat piece to the main back piece with right sides together (fur facing each other) with arm holes lined up. Sew From the arm pit to the bottom and sew from the end of the shoulder to the neckline. Repeat with the other side of the front coat piece. Hem the bottom of the coat’s lining and the coat about an inch, make sure the lining is hemmed shorter than the coat.
2. Sew each sleeve together by matching the sides together, starting from the bottom of the round part down, right sides together. 
3. Pin the sleeve’s round top part to the armhole’s opening with right sides together. Make sure to match the seam of the sleeve to the side seam of the coat. If it doesn’t line up perfect, then pull the top part of sleeve through a little more. Sew.
4. Repeat with the lining.
5. Pin the lining to the coat, with right sides together. Pin it together at the collar, matching up the shoulder seams, through to the ends, ie the front of the coat. Sew!
6. Flip right side out, and hem lining’s sleeve ends and hem the fur’s sleeve ends. Make sure the lining it shorter then the fur sleeve.


  1. You make this look so easy – and the result is great. I will have to give this a go and release my inner leopard (or probably cougar at my age!).

  2. i kind of like it small… more like a touch of fur instead of a coat of fur. would really stand out with pale pink.

  3. love the fit, so cute!

  4. So much cute stuff! I don’t even know what to attempt anymore, they’re all so great! Thanx for another great tutorial!


  5. So chic.

  6. Ive just come across your blog and think it’s fab. I am a big lover of fur coats and actually just posted an outfit post of me in my new coat on http://www.mediamarmalade.com … love the idea of making my own. I think I’l give it a go :) thanks xx

  7. This looks great! I’ve got LOADS of left over faux fur as well so may just give this a go =) x

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  9. Girl you are THEBOMB.COM. I need to try this. I’ve already learned to alter pants to skinnies from you. I’m looking to alter an over sized dress next. You are a life saver.


  10. Haha, nice, I totally have that fur from JoAnn… (I see you’ve used it on some other pieces, too… so cute!!)

    Love the fur trend, and DIYing is so much smarter than buying a bunch this season!

  11. That’s what you call making the most of what you’ve got. It’s so cool that it turned out so nice. It actually looks like a couture box coat. Great job! :)

    Joel Salmon

  12. O! I luv luv luuuuv this!! Thank you for sharing … my niece will be pleased! 😉

  13. Wow, this is great! I’m going to try making it with felted wool blanket. Question about the lining for the front pieces — are they supposed to be larger or smaller than the fur? The illustration shows 1 inch wider for the lining, and I’m not sure if that means 1 inch wider than the fur or 1 inch wider than the original half-shoulder measurement. (Can you tell I’ve never lined a coat?) I’m thinking that if the lining is smaller it will help the center front edges of the fur to curve toward the inside, and it seems to look like that on you. On the other hand, ready-to-wear coats seem to have linings that are very loose.


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