+ Faux Fur Week Day 6: Vintage Inspired Fur Hat Tutorial

Growing up I watched SOOOOOOO many old movies from the 50s and 60s and loved them. Because of all these countless hours of viewing time, I fell in love with that era’s fashion. Well, who wouldn’t, so beautiful! One particular movie that popped out at me Charade…Have you guys ever seen it? With Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn? Well, you’ve got to see it, anyway, I always love what she wears in her movies and in this one she wears a few hats like this but leopard print. Divine. I wish women would wear hats like that out and about these days!
This is so easy that you don’t even need pictures to make it!
1. Cut a 6″ to 7″ band that is as long as the circumference of you head + 2″.
2. Cut a circle out that is 7″ x 7″ (smaller to make it taper)
3. Sew the circle to the band, right sides together.
4. Sew the band together, make sure to taper out when you sew it (the circle of the hat is smaller then the bottom of the band where the hat hits your forehead).
5. Repeat with the lining (if you want lining).
6. Pin and sew right sides together, the bottom rim of the hat. Leave a little gap.
7. Pull right side of hat through the gap and push lining up into the hat. Hand stitch the opening closed and if you want you can top stitch the hat into place. DONE!


  1. So cute!! I really love this one.

  2. Really lovely! B x

  3. beautiful.

  4. I love Charade, too! What a classic movie. I’ve really loved all of your fur tutorials this week. I was really prepared to see some uber-cheesy ideas, but your have all been so classy and wearable. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. So nice! This is one I’ll have to try!

  6. Very Dr Zhivago! I love it.

  7. I immediately thought of “Charade” when this came up in my reading list. Great movie, one of her best. Thank you so much for creating this, I can’t wait to make it! :)

  8. Once again, lovely! I wish faux fur week didn’t have to end, of course I have no clue what else you’d make but I loved this week! I looked forward to everyday! Thanx for sharing!


  9. I am your newest follower and just love your blog. I have spent all day pouring over all your fashion transformations. You are certainly one talented and creative girl. Very inspirational. I will be back often.

  10. Seems super easy to do and too cute.

  11. I am so loving all the fur tutorials! This is my favorite…also I was literally just looking on netfilx for a good old-timey movie. I’m going to look up that one. :)

  12. I love this hat! Soooo classy! Where did you purchase all your faux fur? I must make myself a hat. :)

  13. This is adorable!!!

  14. i want to try this! It is so so cute!

  15. Really adorable!

  16. I JUST watched that movie last night and had a very conscious thought process on her hats, several times! haha. That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw that picture of you wearing it, before I even read the blog title haha. SO adorable!