+ New Years Resolutions

I know it is a little bit past the new year, but I have some resolutions for me and my blog this year! I know that some (the cooking) will probably not last. Anyway, hear me out!
For the Blog:
1. Every month I will host a one themed week (Like Faux Fur Week and Granny Chic Week) where I will need help from you guys! 
2. I’m going to try to be a little more paper/whatever crafty (which I have a hard time with). 
3. I’m going to focus on more clothes making, random stuff, normal decor and seasonal decor (my house needs some help on that end).
4. I’m going to try to learn more in depth, complicated sewing techniques to improve my sewing.
5. Last year my resolution was to get my blog noticed/seriously started (January I refashioned a new thing a day for 30 days) and this year its to DO something more with it. Not sure what yet, but something. 
For Me:
1. Start up scripture study and nightly family prayer with Beck and Danny (I guess we should be more on the ball with this stuff now that he is a little older).
2. Cook more – 4 times a week (most likely will be 3).
3. Be more tidy in the house and the car…they always need to be presentable.
4. No swearing out loud or in my head.
5. Pay more attention to Beck and Danny and less to my blog. Cherish ever moment I can with Beck. He is growing up so fast.
There are a lot more I should be adding to this list, but I think I would get overwhemed. I think I have a handle on just these 10 things. I have faith!


  1. hello there!
    Greetings from India :)

    Have been following u since a while. LOVEEEE your blog and the amazing DIY’s!
    You are an inspiration :)


  2. I have faith in you too! I’m so glad to have reconnected with you through your blog–you always were beautifully inspiring to me…even in the horribly ugly DT towers.

    That second picture is about the most adorable thing I’ve seen all morning. You have SUCH a cute family. Happy New Year!

  3. I love those resolutions! I have faith in you :) I really LOVED the fur tutorials from the past week :)

  4. Good luck with you goals! These are great! I definitely want to make it a goal to have a better daily scripture study and improving my sewing skills too! Your blog is amazing and your are pro at DIYs! All the best this year!

    xo sherri


  5. You are so sweet! It is so fun to find another Christian mom who likes fashion blogging, and loves her family. I love your goals – mine are similar. I wish we lived close by you – I think we would be friends.

    I am very excited about your themed weeks to come, and have loved what you have done so far.



  6. Great resolutions! Cute pics, I love the one of your husband and the little one! So cute! Good luck with your blog and al the resolutions, I look very forward to all the fun projects!


  7. Hang on to those goals!

    I have the same one about being a little more tidy with house and car.

    I’ve been doing well- following the rule of always having something in my hand when I leave one room to go to another- always putting things back where they belong. Same with the car- every day I keep a basket that I can put all the things that don’t belong and take them back into the house…plus a trash bag !!

    Good luck! I know you can keep to it!

  8. good luck with the goals!
    i love the new years season, helps you feel invincible!

  9. great goals, i really need to bump up my sewing skills too, like move into the realm beyond elastic waistbands!! lol and i love your honesty about paying more attention to your fam and not your blog. i feel the same way at times and really need to focus on the here and now with them and not what is happening in the blog world :)