+ Freezer paper heart top

I’ve been thinking about this heart shaped project forever now and waiting to do it and stick it up around Valentine’s day. I felt it was very appropriate. I think this would be so cute in hot pink with arrows running through it or the word amore written in it. But for now, plain and simple and loving it. I cut off the collar and the bottom to add a more romantic carefree look. Maybe I just got that feeling. 

Top to refashion or upcycle if you will
Sponge brush
Fabric Paint
Hairdryer (if you want it done quickly)
Freezer paper (I bought a HUGE roll at walmart for $5)
Iron and ironing board
Something to put in in the shirt to prevent paint linking through to the back

1. Cut out a heart from the freezer paper, leaving plenty of room on the sides of the heart. I folded mine in half and cut a half heart.
2. With the iron on the hottest it will go, iron the freezer paper in place.
3. Slide something in-between the layers of the shirt.
4. Sponge the fabric paint onto the shirt. 
*optional – do a second coat after it dries (I liked my heart nice and solid)
5. Wait for it to dry or blow it dry with a hair dryer
6. carefully peel the freezer paper off.
**optional – cut out the neckline and the bottom to create that rolled hem look


  1. Love it! I am definitely doing this when I find a shirt to use! :)

    Angela | PoodlePoddles

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  3. This is super cute! I have a couple of spare tees, so I’ll give it a go :)

  4. Definitely doing this with a t that I just got at a swap! Love it!


  5. I have been wanting a heart sweatshirt for a long time! I didn’t even think about making my own! I want to try : ) thanks for sharing!

  6. This is GREAT! I’m so doing this over the weekend!

  7. This is adorable, if you flip the shirt inside out and iron over the heart area, it will be less stiff too. I haven’t tried freezer paper stencils, but I think I need to now!

  8. amazing blog!
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  9. So cute! Love it!!!! You always have such great tutorials! Thanx for sharing!


  10. This is so cute! I will have to try it!


  11. I just stumbled upon your blog today for the first time and I am loving it! I love ‘upcycling’ clothes and all of your ideas are so great! I can’t wait for my next thrifting trip to find some treasures to give new life :)

    thanks for the inspiration!


  12. This is great!

  13. Very cute. I sometimes think simple trumps everything else. I like your t because it is simple.

  14. Super cute shirt! And this seems like something I can actually do. xD

  15. Lovely top and as a short-haired person, might I compliment you on how nice your hair is ?

  16. Absolutely Stunning! Nice One!!

  17. So adorable! This is on my to do list now!

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  19. Yah know, I’ve had an enormous size paper roll just sitting around and this is super cute. I’m gonna give it a go too!


  20. Great DIY! I saw another blogger post a store bought blouse like this one with a red heart on black tee, and I was thinking of how to go about remaking it. And your way is very nice and easy :)

  21. Its gorgeous!

  22. Lovely!!!

  23. i love it!
    heart looks perfect ♥

    what is freeze paper?

    MELINA ♥

  24. thank you for sharing! <3

  25. So adorable!

  26. This looks so beautiful!