+ Let’s hang out?!

This is just a sneak peak of one of the giveaways I made and the yummmmmmy tartlets!!

I’m SOOOOOO excited about this fun event! Everyone is invited and I’m making a few blouses to giveaway (something sheer and something color blocked if that sound enticing). Today wednesday the 22nd! I’m going to be there! I hope to see you guys :) I want to meet YOU ALL!

come one, come all! bloggers can meet bloggers; bloggers can meet their readers… the best of both worlds, really. and lucky for everyone… 
soel boutique is offering 20% off one item during the event + i will be giving door prizes to the first 50 guests + we will have giveaways all evening + refreshing goodies + drinks + a photo booth + a free make ‘n take! {you can learn how to make yarn balls from elsa bags!} + it’s the perfect reason to enjoy an evening out to mingle! 
 head on over to all these sites to check out the goodness that will be there! {happy clicking!}

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 ♥ my dear friends, we will also be collecting donations for a sweet momma, kelly during the meet ‘n greet. kelly is the best esthetician and a genuine friend to many of the bloggers in this area who had a major tragedy hit her life in december. if everyone can contribute just a little… together, we can make a big difference. you can read her story here. {image created by milk glass & honey}

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Utah Bloggers


  1. Sound like so much fun! I would love to come and hang out!

  2. I wish i lived in Utah and could come to this! I just read Kelly’s story and was wondering if there was any way i could donate remotely? Please let me know, as i would love to donate.

  3. I am so there! It will be great to meet other Utah bloggers. I have a lot to learn from you experts!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  4. This sounds so cool! Utah is home to so many creative bloggers. Here’s LA hoping you have a fantastic time!


  5. I’d love to be there!
    I just recently started my little blog, but I’ve been follow a few for some time now!
    Oh… but the distance… Hope you all have fun!!

  6. Wow! That sounds like fun, but sadly I will not be able to make it to Utah. 😀

  7. ~ great post…. oh my goodness, your giveaways sound to-die-for! i can’t wait to see them! xo.

  8. You better believe I’m going to be there. Can’t wait!

  9. aww lucky :(

    i wish i was in Utah!

    MELINA ♥

  10. PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE do something like this during spring break. – A Cali girl.

  11. I missed out on one of those tops?!? Sheesh, it looks gorgeous!

    It was fantastic to hang out with you tonight!! We need to get together soon.

  12. that event looks fun, have a blast!

  13. Sounds like lots of fun !!!!