+ Tailor it to fit February: Past tutorials (taking it in)


  1. I love all of your outfits and diys 😀

  2. My goal is to one day be as good as you!! How do you do it? I am still working on figuring out how to get the thread in haha!!


  3. They all look super cute!

  4. I love the pink pants and the boy top. Seriously woman. You’re a wizard.

  5. Wow seems so interesting …will follow you.

    xxx from Barcelona



  6. Ooo I haven’t seen your button up refashion before, like that one!! x

  7. Love! Makes me want to freshen up everything in my closet! Thanks for these great tutorials :)

  8. These are awesome!:) Maybe little bit too hard for beginner but definetly need to try when my skills are getting better.

  9. These are all so great! Thanks for inspiring me and giving me the extra push I need to save for a sewing machine!

  10. I am so jealous. I want to learn to sew very badly. You did such a great job with everything.

  11. I came across your page last week and became instantly addicted. I have lost about 50lbs and all of my cloths are way to big. So when I read the past about the pants I pulled out my fat pants and went to sewing. I took a pair of nice size 22 slacks and made them into skinny capris that are both business approiate and fit like they were made just for me. (oh and there super cute!) Thank you for giving me the direction to get my closet back and save a lot of money. And I’m super excited about hitting some thrift stores in the very near future. Thank you again SummerRae

  12. Cool tutorial! I just pinned a bunch of these before and after pictures to my Pinterest! (Check it out here – http://pinterest.com/aleshasinks/make-it-for-me/ …) Thanks for sharing. =) I love all the ideas.
    Alesha <3