+ Tailor it to fit February: Taking it out inspiration

Here are some ideas I loved but never used on how to take things out or make things longer. Maybe you guys will use them!
Extend a dress/skirt or top with a block of fun colored or matching fabric at the bottom.

Take out the sides of a dress but cutting out the some of the waist and hemming or cutting it out and adding a little stretchy fabric
Cut out the back of tight tops and add something decorative like buttons or bows. 
images from jcrew, asos


  1. great idea! thanks for sharing.


  2. love your ideas!!!

  3. Love the orange pink dress!!!


  4. Love it! I have some skirts that are too short for me and I didn’t know what to do with them Now I know 😀


  5. More great ideas! You are making my to-do list very long.

  6. Those last shirts are so beautiful! Love the detail of a slight view of the back plus the bows! What a great look :)

  7. beautiful!!