+ A little bit of polish goes a LONG way

Have you ever taken the time to acutally polish your leather shoes? After noticing how thrashed these bad boys got in China, I was bummed and determined to fix it. That is where shoe polish comes in. It is magical. Just rub in and polish up. LOVE! Now…time for some brown polish.
And with a little bit of polish and love….
Shoe polish, mine was Kiwi $2
Rag you don’t care about
Clean shoes, rub polish on all over, then polish.


  1. Your so right … so many persons do not care about it … to be honest the first thing I look at when I meat a boy… is the shoes… it doesn’t matter if they are new or old… they have to be clean!!!


  2. Woah! That is amazing. I need to keep that in mind. I hate when the shoes I love get warn out!


  3. I polish all my shoes every fall. It’s like a back to school ritual.

  4. I totally got my husband some shoe polish in his stocking this past Christmas–he loved it! (He’s very neat and tidy. *ahaha*)

  5. Give something a little bit of love and it becomes new again. Now I cannot wait to go thrifting again… I will be taking a closer look at shoes now that I have been reminded on how to revive them!

  6. Really amazing what you can do with a little polish !

  7. I always used to polish mine and have got a bit lazy about it now, mostly because the majority of my shoes aren’t leather any more. But I still do it from time to time.

  8. I def need to start doing this. My flats end up looking completely trashed after just a few months!

  9. That is impressive! I have some shoes I need to do this too! Thanks for the tip!

  10. I saw your blog on Clothed Much and it looks cool. I didn’t know you could polish leather shoes. I am hosting a fashion link party, called Watch What I’m Wearing, and I would love it if would add a link at http://www.watchoutforthewoestmans.blogspot.com. Maybe you will get some new visitors from it as well.

  11. I have been known to use a sharpie for this exact purpose from time to time… It works, right?

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  12. I actually do this every season. The shoes look so much better afterwards.

    Have a nice day!