+ Freezer paper and polka dots

This project may have taken quite a bit of time, but I loved the turn out. Honestly, if I did it all over again, it would have been much much quicker. I originally refashioned and wore this shirt this day, and every time I stick it on I realize that I love it more and more. It is SO easy to find a white button up like this at your local thrift store for cheap. So go buy and refashion!
My bump is getting bigger and bigger, starting to now fit into ANYTHING. But, luckily, I can sew and sew I will! I’ve already got some pregnancy/nonpregnancy doubling refashions and tutorials waiting on the sidelines. Can’t wait to show them. Speaking of pregnancy clothes, I forced myself to buy some cheap tops at forever 21 to that I don’t mind stretching out and such, and might have picked up some very nonpregnant shoes. I’m obsessed with them!
skirt: thrifted/refashioned  top: thrifted/refashioned   shoes: f21 

Iron and ironing board
1-1/4-Inch Circle Punch or dye cut machine or scissors
Sponge brush
*optional – printer/computer
*optional – blow dryer
1. Cut freezer paper into a printable size, make and print circles onto the paper, then cut out.
1. Mark where each circle would be with ruler and cut (only fit 2) rows of circles with a circle cutter
1. Use a dye cut machine.
2. Iron on one section at a time
3. Paint all the circles in each section
*optional – blow dry with hair dryer
4. Once dry peel off the freezer paper and polka dots will be the results!
5. repeat until the shirt is covered with as many polka dots as desired.


  1. Amazing idea! I don’t have a circle punch, but I suppose those aren’t that hard to acquire…

    Tons of possibilities for where to put polka dots!

  2. this is an awesome idea! i do a lot of stencils with freezer paper – it’s an amazing cheap little tool. and i love how this completely transformed your blouse.

    your heels and skirt are wonderful colors in the perfect shades for each other.

    <3 katherine

  3. You look beautiful pregnant!!

  4. That’s so easy and simple! Great idea!
    Simona form http://sewingadventuresintheattick.wordpress.com/

  5. This is so fun. Great idea!! Love the skirt, too.

  6. I would never be able to get those dots all lined up nice! Looks great!


  7. I like how the polka dots are only on the back section.
    I’ve never used freezer paper! I can think of only a bajillion way to use it!

  8. I love your skirt and I’m jealous you still have cute skirts that fit your bump. I’m 23 weeks and no skirts left to show for it.

  9. I’ve used freezer paper to do a stencil on a pillow, but never thought to use it to refashion a shirt! So cute!

  10. Great idea! You look fantastic, by the way. Whenever I go for baby #2, I hope I can be as cute as you.

  11. Patchwork, patch apliquê, também gosto de fazer, ficou muito legal a camisa ,parabéns por tanta criatividade…Edileny Gomes.

  12. Love the polka dots and the shoes, though I’d never be able to walk in those. :)

  13. Very pretty, and I could not walk in those shoes while NOT pregnant, so huge kudos to you!

  14. What an awesome idea. Gorgeous outfit!

  15. I love that you put the detail on the back! It turned out great! Can you tell me where you bought your freezer paper? Whenever I go to the grocery store, look for it and they never have it. Is it difficult to find?

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  17. What a neat idea! I have never thought about doing polka dots with freezer paper. I’ve done smaller designs, but never covered the whole back of a top. Thanks for the idea :)

  18. Your project turned out SO good! I would never have patience like that.
    The entire outfit was is great.

  19. simply adorable my dear! love the color combo.

  20. Such an amazing DIY. i love your outfit too, Your blog has such a wonderful design, I love it!

    Stay in the Lines

  21. I love the polka dot backed shirt!! This is adorable!


  22. That’s a brilliant idea to have polka dots on the back. You look so FaB wearing it!!!

    DC2NYConfessions Blog
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  23. This is awesome!! I’m definitely going to have to try it out :)

    Alyssa from http://www.elementalcarbon.blogspot.com

  24. ILOVE IT

  25. This is awesome, it turned out so beautiful!