+ How to make kids jeans…skinny bright blue jeans in particular!

I apologize for the picture overload, but I can’t help it. He is DANG cute, dirty, but cute. He is so funny too, he would pop his dad’s sunflower seeds in his mouth and spit them out whole off the back of the truck. I couldn’t resist posting about it. He is actually wearing his elastic mickey mouse watch I fixed and the thrifted shoes that we made like new (which aren’t so clean anymore).
Anyway, making these kids jeans took me only a few hours and I know for next time I can do it even faster and make some improvements too….thats how easy it was. Now because there is a long list of instructions, I had to hide most of them in the next page, I don’t want to miss any of the details. Next time….I’m going to aim for adult jeans. Hm? Maybe it will work. 
Jean material – amour depends on the size – I used a half a yard and it barely worked
Current jeans that fit  – this is what you get the pattern from
Velcro (or zipper or buttons)
Sewing machine
fabric marker or chalk


1. Line up and mark a pair of jeans onto jean material. Make sure the grain is matched up between all the cutting, and make sure is the jean material has any stretch that is is running from right to left. Also, one of the front pieces needs to incorporated 3 inches in the front middle for the velcro/zipper/button part for one side and an extra inch on the other front middle for the other side of the velcro/zipper/button part. I wanted them to be skinny and longer, so I cut them into a more skinny leg shape. I also marked the pockets as well by just tracing over top of the pants.
2. Cut! You will have 4 leg pieces, and 2 pocket pieces. The back two pieces should have a bit more length to it, for diaper/bum/comfort reasons. I made sure to cut these pieces out of paper first, so if I like dhow it turned out I could make more.

3. Sew the pockets in a quarter of an inch on the sides and bottom, then roll in twice at the top. Topstitch how you like.
4. Serge (when I say serge, you don’t need a serger, you can easily zig zag stitch or something like that down the raw edge to create an edge that won’t fray) and together the back two pieces.
5. Then top stitch the outside. I double topstitch to make it look like jeans and to sew the served edge down.
6. Pin and sew on the pockets. Make sure not to sew the top of the pockets! 

7. Pin, sew, and serge the two from pieces RST (right sides together, the front of the fabric on all 4 pieces are touching).
8. Iron and topstitch the outside, here I also did a double line for the jean affect.

9. This part is tricky (partially because I was learning as well as I went a long and learned how to do it right after I tried it the wrong way). Here I would have originally add 3 extra inches (instead of one) to the front middle piece of one side, while the other had an extra one inch. The way I did it involved sewing an extra 1.5 inch piece (making sure the the end further away from the middle is served or sewn under) to the extra 1 inch and sewed it like the picture, making sure to add the velcro before I ironed the flap over and topstitched it down. If I had added 3 inches here, which I would do next time, is do basically the same thing, but there is no extra sewing a flap into it step.
10. Serge the other front middle part.
11. Sew a 1 to 1.5 inch straight stitch down with the non velcro (not yet anyway) side WST (wrong sides together, the inside part of the fabric) overlapped a quarter of an inch.
12. Then, open the pants up so the what you just sewed is in the middle of the pants. Fold under and over the raw edge of velcro side a half inch concealing the previously sewn 1 inch and double topstitch it down. 
13. Match up where the other piece of velcro would go and and sew it in.

14. Sew and serge the inner seams of the legs.
15. Topstitch the outside. This part can get tough because the legs are so tiny. I just inched my way all the way to almost the bottom, then turned them around and finished the job.
16. Cut out a long piece for the waist band, 2 inches wide. Hem one side under.
17. Pin the band’s out side, or right side, to the pant’s inside, or wrong side. and sew.
18. Fold the piece over, iron and topstitch the top and bottom of the band.

19. Add a button in the middle front of the pants. I didn’t do that, but will very soon.

20. Cut out a 3 to 5 (I need to add 2 more in the front by the velcro) little pieces that are 1 inch longer than the waist line for seam allowance and at least 1.5 to 2 inches wide. Fold and sew the width in half (hot dog style) and iron down the sewn part in the middle. Top stitch the long edges. The middle serged part will be hidden once sewn on. 

21. Sew the belt loops on where you want….first sew the bottom raw edge RST, then fold over to the top of the waist line and fold the belt loop under and topstitch it down, then top stitch the bottom down. Super quick to do.
22. cut the bottom so it is even and hem.


  1. you are amazing! You need to just start up a etsy shop or fashion line! I would totally buy! My little girl is tiny in the legs but all the ones that fit are too short! I need her some cute pastel skinnies that fit perfect, but i am a horrible seamstress!!

  2. He is so adorable! Love the long shaggy hair and the skinny jeans. I hope to have a kid this cute someday. :)

  3. Wow … lovely …but I do not think I’m able to do this for my nephew… my knowledge in these kind of issues is so limited!!!

  4. these are incredible. i want to learn how to sew just to make these for my future children. seriously.

  5. wow, this looks really doable. i might just need to try this. i was just looking at some super expensive skinnies for my 2 year old at gap. this would be much better.

  6. cute!

  7. thank you for the tutorial! This is so helpful and it looks really nice :)

  8. this is such a cute post and very useful… love it!

  9. yes, thank you for the tutorial! absolutely love it, and definitely seems doable. :)

  10. That boy is so darn cute…and what a photogenic little model Beck is ! Jeepers x

  11. So cute!

    Be Frassy

  12. He melts my heart! What a cutie and those jeans are awesome:) Happy Friday, dear.

  13. Great idea! I started making our baby some pants this way too! But he’s growing so fast right now (6 mos. old).I’m going to hold off until he stays one size a little longer. I’m in the midst of making a pintuck skirt (mine has polka-dots too! but big ones) thanks to your tutorial–I’ll send you a picture when it’s finished! And I’m also currently wearing the ombre tank top I dyed (the second one, the first one was a test one, and the second one is a keeper! Thanks for the great ideas!

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  15. I just got all the stuff to make these! I’m so excited, yours turned out awesome. So did you not use any elastic on the waist then? And they stayed up?

  16. i was just looking for a tutorial and what to my wondering eyes should appear as a google result?

  17. Do you make any of these jeans to sell? I’ve had the hardest time finding jeans like I like in a particular color, very similar to the picture you posted of the bright blue jeans. I would love to buy some!

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