+ My ankles are disappearing

Danny put together a tree swing for Beck with some old climbing rope and an abandoned seat. Who knew my man can upcycle? 
sweet neon shoes: target


  1. Cute shoes! Where did you get them?

  2. Love both of these pictures :) congrats on the bump! And enjoy that new swing!!

  3. love these photos and those shoes!


  4. I LOVE your neon shoes! :] And it’s so fun watching baby bumps grow and your feet disappear. Haha. Also Beck’s swing is super cool!

  5. So great! I love it when Hubby does stuff like that. He’s full of surprises!

  6. ha ha! Love that first picture (and the shoes)


  7. Beck seems to be enjoying the resourcefulness! Looks like fun.

  8. Love the content of the first picture!!!

  9. I saw those shoes there! They are so awesome :)

  10. Very cool shoes. Go neon


  11. Aw so sweet! Hope the pregnancy is going well :)


  12. I want a pair of those shoes so bad! Every time I go to Target I just look at them and wish they were mine :) I just can’t decide what color I want. Decisions, decisions.

  13. loving the neon right now.

  14. I just love the first picture! such a great perspective to show off a baby bump!

    Lindsey Turner