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I love the new turban trend going on…obsessed really! They are so pretty and fun and happen to be an awesome way to get rid of scrap fabric (from an old refashion perhaps?) and fix a bad hair day. So many wonderful reasons to make your own with one of these DIY turban tutorials. You can choose from the twisted turban, the cinched turban, the top knot turban, the rider turban (or backwards cinched turban), and the bow turban (shown in the instructions). I also really liked how Liz did this turban over on her blog.
The fun thing is…you can make these turbans any width you want! You can make them more like a turban headband. Just change up the widths of the tutorials.

Fabric (depending on turban) knit preferable, but any fabric will do.
Measuring tape 
Sewing Machine (not needed for all tutorials) or needle and thread

1. Measure around your head and double it. Cut the fabric to that length and your desired width x 2. Unless you want the turban to be thinner then don’t double the width and hem the ends, unless its knit then just leave be because it doesn’t fray.
2. Sew the piece hot dog style leaving an inch un-sewn on each end
3. Turn right side out.
4. Fold in half
5. Sew the ends together by pining the insides together. 
6. You will be left with a hole. Pin and top stitch (stitch on top) it closed.
7. Place the new seam in the center of the band. Twist once.
8. Twist twice.
9. open the ends with your hands and slip them onto each other.
10. Pull a little to tighten the now knotted/twisted band.
11. Tack permanently the backs together, and the top if you like. You tack by sewing a few stitches with machine or by hand to hide and secure the ends.

1. Measure the circumference of your head and cut into this funky shape. The bigger the ends the fatter the knot will be. You can leave it to be a long rectangle if you like.
2. Tie a knot (any kind you like, mine was the standard). 
3. Pin and permanently tack under the ends. Unless you want them to show then don’t! You tack by sewing a few stitches with machine or by hand to hide and secure the ends.

1. Cut the circumference of your head with twice the width. Unless you want the turban to be thinner then don’t double it and hem the ends, unless its knit then just leave be because it doesn’t fray. Cut a piece 4″ x 4″ for the cinching piece.
2. Sew the small piece into a tube and turn right side out
3. Fold again with the new seam hidden in the inside and sew. Turn right side out.
4. Sew the long piece into a tube and turn right side out.
5. Slide the small tube onto the big band,
6. Pin and Sew the ends of the big band together. 
7. Slide the small tube over the newly sewn seam to cover it up.
8. Pin and permanently tack the band in place by pulling back a little bit of the top of the small tube with the bottom (the part that is under the band) of the small tube still in place. Tack the bottom to the band to the big band on both sides. Making sure the seam in hidden in the middle. When you push the top of the band back over it will cover up the tacking.
9. If you want to add a bow, cut a 4″ x 12″ piece.
10. Fold the ends in and sew up the sides.
11. Turn right side out and sew the center down in the middle. 
12. Slide the bow into the small tube. Center it and tack it down or don’t if you want to keep your options open.


Turn any of these turbans around
Make a band that is the length of you head circumference and width you like and sew up the end.


  1. amazing!!!

  2. How cute can you get? Could you use a long stocking and do this? Love it!

  3. I’m in love with turbans too! Thanks for sharing! You have the best tutorials!

  4. Great !!!! Definitely will do it !!!

  5. Nice! Turbans are cool for bad hair days too! :)

  6. Love the fabrics you found!


  7. O_O waaaa!!! these turbans are amazing!! I wanna try one of this for myself!!

  8. Such retro cuteness! I will definitely have to try this!

  9. loooove turbans! thanks so much for the diys :)


  10. Can you please do a tutorial on how you get your hair like that?
    And more photos of the baby bump please.. everyone loves seeing a baby bump!!

  11. my goodness, i have a litte obsession with turbans as well. So happy you made this tutorial.
    be blessed.x

  12. wow! thanks for the tutorial! I will definitely try to make one! thanks for sharing this! I love the fabric you used on your turbans! so cute! <3

    Xoxo, Beng

  13. Absolutely brilliant post! I’ve been wanting to make one of these for ages, thank you! =)

  14. Totally awesome tute love all of them off to get cutting right now!

  15. I love turbans! These are so great!


  16. I am wondering how to make a hat type of turban, and I cannot seem to find good tutorials here on the web. If you ever make one, I would be so grateful! Love your blog by the way! Keep them posts coming! Renate

  17. Not many women can look that good in a turban! You lucky girl! xo

  18. thank you so much for these much needed tuts :) easy pictures/directions!

  19. Love all the different variations you´ve shown here! We´ve made our own which is perfect for Christmas parties. You can see it here http://etralalondon.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/diy-turban-tutorial.html

  20. That’s such a great idea and super cute!

  21. Woot! I love headbands and headwraps! I’ve been looking at DIY turban tutorials and yours is one of my favorite as it shows 3 different ways to do it. <3 I can't wait to make a bunch of these! Thank you for the tutorial!


  22. Jasmine says:

    Can I please ask where did you get that floral fabric from?? It’s AWESOME!!!

  23. I made the twisted turban a few weeks ago. Steps 5 and 6 was difficult for me but the turban came out great. You can’t even tell where I messed up. Thanks for posting this tutorial and Im looking forward to more you’re posts.


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