+ A little bit of my weekend.

Congrats Jonathan on graduating! You and Satyra will be missed VERY much. Love you guys.

My family came into town and it was a party as usual…soccer games, swimming, eating out, graduation, poker playing with buttons as money, movie going, sleep overs, etc.  Beck was with his 2 favorite things in this world in the last pic: a ball and my little brother John, Beck LOVES him.


  1. that little beck is such a doll!!! and i love his long curly hair. i left my little mans hair grow forever too! its just really sweet!!!

  2. beautiful photos :)

  3. Hello there, my name is Ally. I adore your blog. I love all that you do and hope to be able to do half the things you are able to create. I graduated with Max! He is great. Anyway… seeing his picture made me think that I should actually comment and let you know that you are inspiring! Keep up the good work!

  4. Beck actually, reminds me of Graham in that close up. Such a sweet little face.

  5. AWW Cute! I miss David! I bet you didn’t know that i’m connected to your whole family in random ways!

  6. Love the pics Liz thanks for taking those! I’ll send you the group photos:) and the pics I took of Beck at the game!

  7. Stunning photos!


  8. Where are Jon and Satyra going? So glad you put up these pictures, I miss them!

  9. Your photography is wonderful and your subjects perfecto! xo

  10. You look gorgeous in these pictures! Great shirt. :) Where did you find the fabric?

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