+ Small changes to my blog…

I’ve been working on changing my blog’s look and flow over the last few days and I’m still working on the new look, but until then you can check out the little changes. 
First….instead of posting ONE person every friday, I decided to add a sew & tell link to the right and I’ll post up everything I get in around when I get it. So you don’t have to scroll through all the past posts or anything. Over the next week or so I will be adding the tons of people who send me things that I haven’t put up yet! So check to see you up there soon if you are aren’t already!
Second, I’ve decided to hide all of my tutorials…therefore you have to click READ MORE to find out how to do it! Makes the blog look a little more cleaned up and straight to the point if you ask me.


  1. just a thought. if you’re going to make it impossible to read your whole post via google reader (including the reader app for phones) keep in mind that a lot of people read blogs on their phones and therefore it’d be a good idea to enable mobile viewing on your blog, otherwise its annoying and huge on a phone and therefore hard to read.

    • Do you not like the read more feature? I thought it would relieve a lot of clutter and I can therefore go in more detail with tutorials. But can you not reader the tutorials through google reader? I can enable the mobile viewing easy – I didn’t know that was in issue. I just find mobile version annoying to look at, but that is personal opinion.

    • In Blogger, you can set your feed to publish the whole post for feed readers, but still display the “read more” links on your home page! It’s the best of both worlds!

      (In the new UI, it’s a little hidden away: Dashboard -> Settings -> Other, and set “Allow blog feed” to “Full”)

      With feed readers, there are easy keyboard and UI short cuts for skipping down to the next post, if you decide you don’t want to read the whole thing. In a reader, it ends up being more annoying to have to navigate away from your “reading zone” and wait for the blog to load to see the rest of the content.

      However, I DO like “read more” links on blog homepages, because blogs don’t have nice shortcuts for skipping to the next post. I think blogs that have a lot of photos and DIYs really do benefit from hiding details behind a “read more” link, and it definitely keeps the homepage tidier and more focused.

    • Thanks Sam! Best advice ever. That is exactly what I wanted to know! I was worried that everyone was going to upset, but I just really hated how cluttered my blog was looking with all the tutorial pictures. Also, I felt that I couldn’t go too much in detail because of how long the post would become. Anyway, thanks!

  2. i looooove your blog, i’ve made so much things thanks to you!!! :) happy weekend

  3. Hello Lizzie,how are you…your blog is soo helpful. When ever i want to find something to make i always come to your blog. 😀

  4. Oh yeah, I forgot to say: I would suggest you change the color and/or size of your “read more” links, because at first I didn’t see they were there! Something brighter and bolder to draw attention to the link would really help!

    (I’m actually fairly new to your blog, but I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read the past couple weeks)

  5. the font is really small and when I selected read more it didn’t let me read more

  6. ps I love your blog it gives me courage to sew thanks so much!

  7. Good idea to simplify and streamline your blog. You never cease to amaze me! xo

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