+ Spiral curls hair tutorial – for long or short hair!

I’m SOOOOOO excited to share one of my favorite hairstyles…Spiral Curls! It is seriously easy, you just have to get used to the wrapping then you will be a pro. It literally takes me 15 minutes max. I took these pictures a day after I did the tutorial, so you can see compared to the video how different a day can make. I have this spiral curl hairstyle this older post if you want to see it in a different setting.

After I wash my hair, I put a soft gel in, comb it through once then let it air dry or hair dry it with my head upside down. Try not to use any straightening devices or products, let your natural wave, kink, curl or what not add to it. I start by parting my hair and working in columns, starting at the bottom back of the head and grabbing a new piece all the way up. Then repeating with a new column all the way to the bangs. Then repeat with the other side.
1. Take a square piece of hair
2. Wrap it around the barrel without adjusting the hair, so just let the hair come out of your hand as you wrap. Don’t change the shape of your hand or hair, just wrap! I changed my curling iron into a curling wand, tutorial here.
3. It should naturally twist the hair as you twist it around the barrel! Easy!
Can you tell that my husband did the first 10 seconds and I did the rest?



  1. With every post my hair envy grows! Sadly, my hair REFUSES to curl. My hairdresser friend has tried everything. It stays curly long enough to do one side….by the time you finish the other…it’s straight again! At least I don’t have to wait long for the other half to wilt.


    • try pinning your hair in the curl formation right after removing curling iron. after 20 mins un pin .saw that on say yes to the dress randy to the rescue

  2. I love love love your hair style!!! It’s absolutely gorgeous :) I’m definitely going to have to try your technique!


  3. Love your ideas.. have to go out tomorrow and will try it immediately!!!

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  4. You gave me an alternate idea about the wedding! Yeah! :)))

  5. Great hair and great hairdo! You are stunning!

  6. Adorable ! I love it! Can I ask what you ask for when you get your hair cut? It seems so simple, I love it!

    xo Becky

  7. I just chopped my long curly locks a month ago and have been missing curls! I think my hair looks lame curly now. Uh. I too am having huge hair envy!

  8. Yay! Thank you, that was very helpful! I just realized that one of the best parts of this style on you is all the volume at your roots, something I tend to lack.

  9. Wow love that hair!!



  10. oh girl! first u are totally cute pregnant! and im so glad you shared this!!!!!! i wanted to see it so bad! i have been curling my hair this way and actually thinking of taking the extra peice off my curling iron bc it gets in the way. i liked how you seperated your hair, im gonna try that!

  11. super cool 😀 but what kind of wax do you used? i didn`nt get that :DD

  12. can u tell me what is number of brown colour on your hair?
    you dye brown on black hair?


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