+ The difference a good hairdryer can make – one of the best hairdryers ever

The difference a good hairdryer can make is DRAMATIC! I never knew this until I started using a Misikko Hana Air professional hairdryer, compared to my cheap hairdryer from high school. I had NO idea how powerful a professional hairdryer can be! I was born with frizzy curly hair, and hairdryers could never stand up to it. I always have to use some sort of straightener and yes, I have used the good old iron and ironing board…now that is desperation ladies. It wasn’t until the first time I used this misikko hana hairdryer that I discovered that I don’t have to use any other dang straightening devises! The hairdryer does it all by itself! Best hair dryers ever.
Here is what my hair looks like blown dry with my old hair dryer vs. the professional hairdryer. Crazy right?!
Isn’t it beautiful?
My old hairdryer’s highest power is less powerful as the lowest power on the professional hairdryer. Beck literally gets nervous when I’m using the new one.
Good use for the old hairdryer perhaps


  1. oh my Beck is hilarious! hehe so cute :)

  2. Wow! I will have to get me a GOOD hairdryer! Beck is so funny! He’s saying, “Mom, glad this works for you, ’cause it’s not working for me. Look at my hair!” LOL Have a great day!

  3. That old hairdryer could totally be made into a wonderful steampunk gun! I’ve never thought about hairdryers before… my hair is so thick I’ve just never bothered with them as they still take forever. Maybe a nice hairdryer would actually work on my hair. Hmm…

  4. The “cheap hairdryer” picture is exactly how my hair looks when I blow dry my hair. This really makes me want a new hairdryer. Your hair looks gorgeous!

    Rebecca (hearts)…

  5. I’m convinced – I must have to try a new dryer!! My super-easy, poker-straight hair turned INSANE when I got pregnant… 3 years (and another kid) later, it’s still frizzy and yucky. I have no idea how to style it. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh the Hana. I got sent one a few months ago and I love it! I never get dramatic about my hair, but this hair dryer quite literally changed my life. I can actually shower in the mornings now and go to school with my hair done! I definitely add my recommendation!

  7. Hm, as long as it has a diffuser attachment, I’m sold! It sounds fantastic.

  8. That is crazy the difference it makes and funny pics of your kiddo!

  9. wow, thats an awesome difference. hmmmmm, maybe a good birthday present for myself???

  10. I have this same Hana dryer, and I am in LOVE with it. I tried to use a cheap one in a moment of desperation a few weeks ago, and got so frustrated after 5 minutes of the dryer doing absolutely nothing, I gave up and let my hair air dry into a mess. I’m so on board with professional now :)

  11. Dude! My cheapo is about to burn up. I’ve been on the hunt for a good one so I’ll be checking this one out! Your hair looks so good!


  12. Thank you for sharing!!! My hairdryer at the moment is pretty good, but I get lazy and always straighten with a straightener.. in highschool i used to use an iron!!! Omg so many near misses on my ears and forehead.. ouch!

  13. This hairdryer is the best thing ever! I purchased it after reading about it on your blog. The photo of your hair with a cheap dryer looks just like mine always does. I just received the dryer last night, and opened the box to be greeted with not only my new dryer, but a full size Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner, eyelash curler, teddy bear, hand sanitizer, nail files, etc etc etc. It was crazy! And best of all, when I used this dryer this morning, it worked like magic was blowing out of it. I’m so glad you shared this product! No more frizz!

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