+ Maternity style (and comfort) – leggings and pants

purple leggings: oasap
I’m loving all the fun colors and patterns that leggings and maternity pants come in this year! And let me say, leggings are a pregnant girl’s best friend. They are SO dang comfy! Be adventurous this Summer and buy some crazy pants or leggings….who says you can’t look trendy and fun too. Don’t let that big belly get in the way! Go for the tribal, animal, neon, floral, polka dot, rubbery, or just colored leggings look(make it a fun color). Did I mention you will be comfortable and stylin’?
And that goes for you non-prego women too of course :)


  1. I LOVE leggings. I just need to find/make more tunics or hi-lo tops to cover the bum :-)

  2. I LIVED in leggings last summer when I was preggers!! Sooooo comfy, and cute :)

  3. Oh man, another excuse to not wear real pants. haha I can’t wait.

  4. omg! so sweeet pants. and my diy blog –> http://gkdone.blogspot.com/

  5. pregnant or not I think all of these pants rock – especially loving #2 and 4 ..so pretty!

  6. those are all soooo great. i love love love those outfits on the bottom, with or without baby in the belly.
    its great that leggings are so huge and pregnant women can be as trendy as the rest of em!

  7. Love the aztec leggings!
    ♡ Lexi
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  9. You are so adorable pregnant and noy pregnant! Lucky girl! xo

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