+ My refashion modeled on the beautiful Miriam

She is darling right? Love how this looks on Miriam from Mad Mim and how she styled it with the cute hat! Go here for the  before picture and the instructions.


  1. love it!! she looks adorable!

  2. This is such a quirky little refashion, I love it! She does look so sweet. Great hat to complete the look =)

  3. Adorable, and what a creative idea:)

  4. Thank you Liz, you’re so sweet!

  5. i love your belt :)

  6. love this post! so good!
    your blog is great dear! love the design and you have a great sense of style and taste, brilliant! keep up the good work!
    please can you check out my blog? I’ve just returned from a leave of exams and hopefully have some good posts lined up!
    It’s fashion damnit
    Thanks so much beautiful!

  7. This is GREAT. I’m going to try this on a couple polo’s handed down from hubby, but I really hate the way they fit. I’m not sure I understand what you did with the sleeves, but I’m going to improvise. Thanks for sharing.

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