+ Nautical week: button up refashion swap

I’m so excited about this refashion swap! And it ties in perfectly with this nautical week theme with the stenciled sailboats and peter pan collar. A bunch of talented ladies in one challenge. You must check out all the awesome outcomes…..I feel like they whopped me.
I designed my shirt for Miriam of Madmim…super cute and amazing in the sewing room (seriously look at what she did, what?!). She said she loves orangey apricot and little prints, hence the sailboats. I checked out her pinterest board on fashion and saw that she really liked flowy and boxy tops, so I made this one a square top, then slapped on a peter pan collar. Couldn’t resist. Then I exchanged the white buttons in the back with blue ones. Easy peasy. Can’t wait to see it on her!!
Instructions below…
Jennifer of Grainline Studio
Krista of Lazy Saturdays
Melissa of I Still Love You
Miranda of One Little Minute
Miriam of MadMim



You will see us fashion the swaps next week on the person it was sent to. Oh and Megan Nielsen did an AMAZING job on  mine….so excited to share.

button up top
sewing Machine
measuring tape
iron/ironing board
*optional – stencils and fabric paint
1. Cut the collar and sleeves off
2. Match up the side seams and cut the neckline out in front and back
3. Cut out a peter pan collar (I used a template)
4. Sew along the edge of the bottom of the peter pan collar and flip right side out. Make sure you strim off the excess so it curves nicely.
5. Iron down.
 6. pin the top of the collar to the top of the shirt, and because I flipped it around, technically you will be pinning it to the back which is now the front.
 7. sew along the edge of the peter pan collar and the top of the shirt.
8. serge of finish the edge
9. Flip the collar upwards and pin.
10. Sew the extra material or the finished edge of where the collar and neckline were sewn down by topstitching on the other side.
11. Hem the rest of the neckline all the way around.
 12. Make a square top with the rest of the top. Because I made it for someone else, I made sure the bust and hip area were just a few inches bigger to make a a boxy top.
 13. Cut the bottom off in a rounded shape.
14. Hem by flipping over a tiny 1/8th or 1/4 inch and rolling one more time to make it a 1/4 inch and sew as you go – this bunchiness goes away when ironing.
15. Cut 2 strips from the sleeves that were cut off. Make them as wide as the armhole and 2.5 inches wide. IRON into sections of a half inch, 1 inch, 1 inch, then a half inch all folded into itself, like big bias tape.
16. Make sure the side seam is a little open at the bottom of the arm hole. Sew one of the strip’s end’s half inch to the inside of the sleeve, making sure the folds will flip out over the edge and right side of the top.
17. Fold the  remainder  of the strip over onto itself, making sure that the last half inch is tucked under the inch that is showing.
18. Topstitch the strip down.
19. Close the side seam to complete the sleeve
 *optional –
1. Put paper between layers of shirt
2. Place stencil to the shirt and hold as flat as possible. Lightly press the sponge over and over, to create the most perfect stencil. If you want you can mark where you want every single stencil. I eyeballed it.
3. Pull the stencil off and keep on stenciling some more, no need to wait for drying.
(Thanks to readers and my mom for this advice) – Stick this in the dryer or iron it to heat set it the fabric paint and make it permanent.


  1. This is adorable! I love the sailboat print. I would iron the stencil print afterwards to heat set it so it doesnt wash off.

  2. Cudowna!!!! Wonderful!!! I would like to know how to sew

  3. Sarah, if you use fabric paint, there is no need to iron it.

    • Really? I did textile design in college and I was always told to iron it/put it in the dryer even with fabric paint. I’ve never not done it! I will give it a shot, I could always use that extra time to do other stuff! hahah

  4. Oh, it’s just lovely! Your stuff always has such nice silhouettes!

  5. so so cute, i LOVE the patterned shoulders!
    and wow i need to get my hands on some stencils,
    this shirt and your green shirt from before are just darling :]

  6. This is so cute!

  7. So cute, Liz! It fits right in with your nautical week. LOVE it.

  8. So cute! I adore the little nautical detailing at the shoulder! The color is just wonderful too!
    xoxo, Sunni

  9. i love how you switched up the buttons, brilliant Liz!

  10. This is amazing.
    From now on, I am sending you my clothes and you can make them cool for me!


  11. I watch your blog from some time, and I must say, You are genius!!!!

  12. You seriously are the bomb, Liz. I love this, LOVE the sailboats, LOVE the collar, and I’m really excited to style it. Thank you so much! And ps that little green sailboat number from the previous post is amazing too.

  13. Oh man, I am a sucker for shirts that button up the back and anything related to being on the water so obviously I love this! Beautiful!

  14. say what!? This is really amazing. I’m not the best seamstress but I can try…

  15. wooow, great idea!

  16. I’ve been following along with your blog for a while now, and i’m loving nautical week. But this little refashion swap was like christmas for me. I had not heard of some of the other particapants and I loved checking out their blogs. Thank you.

  17. You’re amazing at taking something simple and making it a notch cooler. I love the little kicks that make this shirt unique and awesome! And seriously, orange sailboats? Be still my heart…

  18. This is adorable Liz! I love the blue buttons. Great work! And I can’t wait to see Megan design on you! I may have to use her tutorial for myself :)

    Lazy Saturdays

  19. I’m having heart surgery next month. I would love to try this, only with the opening in the front. Very nice tutorial.

  20. I love this! I just made one myself :) a grand total of $0.99! This is going in my college portfolio :) I’m hoping to major in fashion design so I’m putting together my portfolio this summer!

  21. thank you so much for this!!!
    i have been trying to figure out this type of skirt forever and my unfinished project has been languishing in the corner. you’ve presented a very elegant solution.

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  22. Carol Brunet Mongeau says:

    Hi, I wonder if I could do that with a black velvet shirt that I purchased at a thrift store
    without doing the stenciling…just changing the collar as the peter pan and cuttting the sleeves as well. Thank you in advance for your input.

  23. [10.25.2016] at 11:20 pm
    Hi, I wonder if I could do that with a black velvet ladies shirt that I puchased at a tgrift store without doing the stenciling…just changing the collar as the
    peter pan and cutting the sleeves as well. Thank you in advance for your input.