+ Nautical week: gold buttons

top: ae   blazer: thrifted and refashioned   sunglasses: kate spade
 One of the simplest refashions you can do is replacing the buttons, and what a difference it can make! I can just imagine myself relaxing on a sailboat in the middle of a long trip on the Mediterranean. Or maybe not because long trips on boats might make me a bit sea sick, but the thought sounds nice.

gold buttons (4 little, 6 bigger)
needle and thread
1. Thread a needle and knot the end of the thread. Start on the inside of the coat and push through to the button hole.
2. Sew back through below the button. Repeat  until you feel the button is secure.
3. Knot the button on the inside of the jacket.
If you don’t want it to be so permanent, just safety pin the buttons on! Easy Peasy!


  1. How simple and stunning! You did it again, Liz! Can you come over to my closet and give it a tune-up?

  2. Um, you’re making me want to be preg again so I can attempt to look like this!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love this. I have some big gold buttons laying around…might do this today.

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  5. You’re so right, the littles details can make the biggest difference. You are so stylish even though you are pregnant. I love it!

  6. You’re the most gorgeous pregnant woman! Simply stunning.

  7. So cute!

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  9. so much better!!! Adds so much style. Adorable!

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