+ Painting stripes on a tee shirt

I refashioned this top out of my brother’s old undershirt and LOVED how the shape turned out (that tutorial to come), but I knew I wanted to do some sort of painting to it. After seeing this super cute top at Jcrew, I knew what I wanted to do. One of my favorite tops I own now!
Side story, I was at the local school’s playground taking these pictures so Beck could play while I did one of my mini photoshoots….he was just in some shorts and sandals sans diaper. Trying to potty train, but being unsuccessful. Well, he of course went number one the second I had everything set up ready to shoot. So this was me quickly taking photos while Beck uncomfortably was asking to leave and slowly riding his little fire truck away. Oh, the memories we build while potty training.

masking tape
sponge brush
paper do go underneath and between shirt
1. Tape off sections of the shirt, you can mark the sections first or eyeball it. I marked the top line, then eyeballed the rest. Can’t see imperfection as easily as you would think with this.
2. Slide paper in in between the layers of the shirt.
3. Start painting! You don’t have to be perfect. Just paint with the lines, don’t dab as much. I think that will make the lines less likely to bleed because there will be less paint of contact.
4. Once dry pull the tape off.
5. Repeat to the back and sleeves if you like.
6. Iron and/or stick in the dryer for a heat seal. It will get stiff….so you may want to wash it on a gentle cycle then iron again.


  1. this is awesome! I am totally going to do this! :)

  2. love it! The shape looks so nice & I can’t wait for the next part of the tutorial!

  3. Great!!

  4. I do agree this is awesome! I am going to do this. :)

  5. I have been following your blog for a few days now, and I love it.
    Your t-shirt turned out great! Love the stripes. Your are quite creative! :)

  6. cute

  7. Love love love the colors and I love how easy it is. Will the acrylic paint be okay to put in the wash?

  8. ok I’ve got to do this! So cute!

  9. Cute!! I need to do this.

  10. yep, yep, awesome. The color is perfect!

  11. Darling idea, and it looks adorable on you:)

  12. I love the color you used and really love that shirt! You are adorable!

  13. Can’t wait for the tutorial!! I have a drawer full of my husband’s undershirts that need to be refashioned!

  14. Beautiful! I can’t wait to try it!! I’m loving everything on your blog these days! You are so talented. And you couldn’t be any cuter pregnant.

  15. I’m dying. I love this so much — you’re a freaking genius. Making this ASAP.

  16. I love this! Excited for the other tutorial, I have just the top for it! Also, I’m assuming you did the stripes on the back as well? And do you need to mix a fabric medium into the paint for washing?

  17. I adore this shirt. I can’t wait for the tutorial on how to make it. I am SO glad we’re pregnant at the same time.

  18. Eeee!!! I love this and can’t wait for the tutorial on the shirt too!

  19. Sooo creative! I can’t wait to see the tutorial on how to make the T.

  20. okay, I LOVE this shirt! Oh my goodness it is adorable. And I am just a tid bit jealous of your fashion sense :) We’re expecting our third and I’m ready to start sewing and refashioning like a mad lady to jazz up my wardrobe a little. Thanks for sharing all your creative projects!

  21. What a great idea!!! You’re lovely in this tee!
    You’re a sweet mom-to be! XD, take a look on my last post, Chic pregnancy!



  22. i like the blue shirt and blue pants together, its really cute! and what a sweet story!!! weve ALL been there! ‘just let me do _______ real quick and we will get you clean dry clothes!!’ lol

  23. Couldn’t help laughing out loud at the image in my head of a cute little boy riding away on a firetruck with wet shorts! Too cute. I love the painted on stripes, what a great idea!



  24. This is SO CUTE! I need to dig around for one my husband’s old undershirts so I can give it a shot! I have a question – is there a reason you used acrylic paint as opposed to fabric paint? I’m so curious because I want to make this shirt ASAP!

  25. oh i love the colors, the fit and the rounded bottom! i want to make a tee like that and maybe tackle the paint later :) i hope a tutorial is coming up :)

  26. I am in desperate need for cute maternity t’s this summer, can’t wait to try this!

  27. this is seriously amazing that you did this! it’s SO cute.


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  28. I can already think of several projects I can do with this. Thanks for the tutorial!

  29. love… l’m really into stripes right now but they’ve been so hard too find

  30. I sooooo want to do this!!! Love your blog.. I’m your newest follower :)

    followme@ http://www.studentswife.com

  31. It is hard leaving family, especially if you are the one left behind. I would hate to miss that precious little mad face!

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  32. Fabulous idea! its really looking cool to wear awesome color tee shirts with stylish jeans and carry bag!

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