+ Boy swim shorts tutorial (short or long)

 I had to throw one in for the kids, I couldn’t resist! My very first thought for this themed week was euro speedo for Beck! Not sure if that is what they are called, but I love how they are like a long speedo, but a short swimsuit. Adorable and easy to make! And the good news…Beck loves them too. When we went to the splash pad, everyone passing by kept staring at him saying how cute he was in those little shorts. Oh and I simply agree!
Go head on over to see what amazing Summer Tutorial Kate from See Kate Sew has whipped up here.

1/4 of nylan lycra (if you want 2 colors, then get 1/4 of each)
ballpoint needle for sewing machine
matching thread
sewing machine
measuring tape
*Keep in mind that this fabric is a pain to sew…my advice is to pin thoroughly and sew slowly. I made less mistakes when I did that. If the swimsuit has a little curviness to the seams from the sewing, that means it has stretched just a little while you sewed. That is fine because your little one will stretch it out and you won’t be able to see it. Also, once Beck got it wet it stretched out a little and seemed to make the lines even more flat.
1. Measure a pair of leggings or the kid and see how much width and length is needed. 
2. Cut out the piece with the added seam allowance. If you are doing stripes like this, then cut out 2 pieces with seam allowance and sew them together right sides together (RST) with a zig zag stitch, vari-overlock stitch or a straight stitch (stretch the material as much as you can as you sew).
3. Cut that piece in half, and fold those remaining pieces in half. Then sew the bottom 1/3 of the pieces. This will be for the legs. 
4. Pin the middle front and back unsewn pieces, that will make up the middle pant seam. Sew from the front around to the back, to catch where all seam intersect.
5. Cut another piece out for the waistband, make it one solid color and make it the same size as the piece from instruction number 2.
6.  Sew the piece’s ends RST to make a tube. 
7. Fold the piece in half, concealing the seam in the inside of the waistband.
8. Seam rip ope just an inch of the waistband on the inside, and slip in an elastic band that fits the waist of the kid snuggly. Sew the ends of the elastic closed. 
9. Topstitch or hand-stitch the waistband opening closed.
10. Hem the bottom with a zig zag stitch or a straight stitch (stretch the swimsuit legs as much as you can as you sew). 
**For the longer shorts I used a pair of tight leggings to cut out the material. I liked both ways.


  1. oh my goodness – so dang cute!!! :)

  2. Way adorable! You could do the same technique for an adult size pair of shorts. So clever! xo

  3. I wish I had a little boy because I would totally make these for him. Adorable!

  4. You have a seriously cute child. That ice cream face is adorable!


  5. Those are adorable! Can’t wait for my little guy to be big enough for swim trunks! Totally making these and way better than the awkward ones with mesh in them. Love your stuff!


  6. I love euro shorts. I’m totally going to try and upsize these for my husband…he would be the cutest little bean!

  7. Hi Liz! I just love love love these. The colors are perfect, too! I featured this post on my blog today. I’d love it if you came and checked it out! http://www.missloviecreations.blogspot.com/2012/06/my-favorite-things-thursdaya-day-late.html

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