+ Did you mingle?!

The soel mingle party was sooooooooooo awesome….there were millions of prizes and giveaways, catered food, lots of chatting with new people and friends, shopping at soel (one of my favorite stores), and more. Seriously had so much fun. Next time…I will be bringing my little baby to the party to mingle too…crazy. It was nice meeting a lot of you ladies! 
Lots of mingling going on….
This was my little booth where I showed some of my projects…the neon backpack coming soon!
The two main ladies in charge giving out some awesome stuff.
Some of my favorite ladies there…merilee, susan, melissa, and alison..they are amazing you have to check them out!
name tag…thank you Melissa for writing it with that oh so talented handwritting.
There was TONS of food and goodies there…italian ices, chocolate covered strawberries, chips and dip…need I say more?
Lots and lots of prizes given away by all the lovely sponsors. I gave away a few black glitter collar necklaces (tutorial here)
Just a few of the things I collected that night (not pictured were the 2 free cafe rio meal cards that I quickly used the next day)…and thanks to susan for these amazing moccasins…I nearly cried. I’m going to slap these babies on boy #2 straight out of the womb. Well, maybe a few months after, but you get the excitement right? By the way…she is having an awesome sale right now.
The lady in pink is suzanne and I love her! She is 27 weeks prego and with her 4th girl. She is the cutest pregnant lady I’ve ever seen. 
♥ sponsored by ♥
All the amazing sponsors that helped out…thank you! 


  1. I always think about going to these, but ten I imagine showing up and no one knowing who I am, and it just being an overall awkward night….So I never end up going. It looks like so much fun!

  2. It was such a fun event. I saw you in passing several times while I was trying to keep my baby busy and happy. Hip hooray for baby moccs!

  3. what a fun event. Nail polish at party favors is a great idea. Love that!

  4. This looks so fun, and creatively hosted!

  5. It seems lots of fun!

  6. is it true that Jef Holm from the bachelorette was there selling his People Water?!? i was so mad when i realized that i couldn’t go. but after i heard about that i was SOOOO mad,

  7. so cute :)

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