+ DIY detachable vintage glitter collar necklace

   I’m so excited about this glitter collar necklace because it will dress something up real quick, which in my late pregnancy situation is much much needed. You can wrap this around your neck over anything from a maxi dress to a plain tee shirt, it goes with everything. You can purely wear it as a necklace, just letting it freely sit around your neck with out any clothing’s neckline near by. And when you are lugging around a watermelon sized belly around, you are limited to what you can wear and I feel like the fancier the harder. So this can be the ticket. I seriously want to attach this to everything!
Elmer’s glue or mod podge
clear varnish
sponge brush
something to cover the surface under the project (I used paper)
very small button
needle and thread
1. Cut out the collar in felt to sit nicely around you neck.
2. Sew a very small button to one of the inside end corners, underneath the collar.
3. Hand sew a loop of thread underneath on the other inside end corner of the collar that would fit nicely around the button. (this step can be done at the end as well.
4. Cover the entire surface in glue or mid podge using a sponge brush. Make sure to get the edges and the ends really good.
5. Cover the entire surface, including edges, with glitter.
6. Let dry completely.
7. Shake off the excess onto the piece of paper underneath. This is where you will check to see if there are any spots that need re-gluing and re-glittering. Redo those spots now and let dry.
8. Pour the excess glitter back into the container.
9. Cover the entire surface of glitter with a clear glossy varnish in order to keep all the glitter attached onto the collar and not onto yourself. You could try a clear glossy mid podge instead.


  1. I LOVE this, you did a great job & it really does amp up the entire outfit!! Love your d.i.y.s & your cute style :)

  2. What a fabulous idea! And with a million colors of glitter I could do any color I wanted to match! Thanks Liz! xo

  3. Wow, you look absolutely stunning!
    Thanks for the tutorial! :)
    xo Naomi

  4. You look so adorable in that outfit!! I hope I’ll look as good as you when I’m preggo! :)

  5. This is wonderful! I’ve done something similar by cutting off collars on old shirts. I love the rounded collar though!

  6. That is a beautiful collar and the whole outfit is divine. I don’t know how you’re handling those shoes though. When I was that far along my ankles were swollen to the size of my arm!! I wish I had done pregnancy so stylishly. :)

  7. Sooo cute. I think it loojs fun to make too!

  8. what a great tutorial! I wanted to make a cape for fall (yes, I’m planning my falling sewing projects even though it is the first day of summer) and this would be perfect for a detatchable collar. Thanks for posting!

  9. scratchy?

  10. I love you! Do you heard from me this? No? Well, I love you :) It’s fabulous! :)

  11. You look amazing, girl! I know dressing during pregnancy is hard…especially when you’re super pregnant! You really do look great though! Nice diy!!

  12. What a fabulous collar to add to any fun shirt for summer! xo Holly

  13. Você é demais, sempre com idéias mara.Adoro seu blog!!

  14. Looks great….

  15. Thanks for this, I absolutely love it!

  16. absolute genus! I will definitely be trying this!! x

  17. I’ve never thought of trying this with just felt before- I’ll be a collar making machine now! x

  18. Such a cute idea and great instructions!

  19. I love this idea! Thank you so much, now I could save up a bit by doing this diy instead of buying one 😀

  20. I was really amazed by this. Big time! Ha-ha! I just couldn’t believe it’s made of felt paper. I really must commend you. That’s creativity at its finest! Another thing, the necklace you made is very versatile. It could be put on with casual clothes or even formal dresses. Thank you so much for sharing this idea.

    Paige Low

  21. i’m doing a little article on collar necklaces and I’m going to link to this post.


  22. Brilliant!

  23. I love it! and I can imagine it worn in various situations and occasions!

  24. thanks for posting.

  25. Thank you Liz, you’re so sweet!

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