+ Men’s tee to loose top with gathered back (for maternity and non-maternity)

top: hanes/refashioned    pants: f21 bleached then dyed   shoes: steve madden   hat: thrifted  necklace: grandma’s
I have been getting so sick of tight non-maternity tops…ughhhh….so itchy and uncomfortable. And not to mention that I’m going to need something to wear after this baby comes out when I will have the good old pouchy post-baby belly bump for a while…so I need, desperately, some looser tops! This top is so comfy and goes with everything, I love it! And it goes well with these purple dyed pants.Thanks again john for giving me one million white tops! I’m a lucky lady!


oversized tee
sewing machine
1. Put on inside out and mark where you will take in just the sleeve. I pinned the sleeve to make sure it didn’t move when I sewed it.
2. Sew the sleeve smaller, and once you hit the sleeves seam, follow it down until the seam is done. Cut the excess out very close so the sleeve’s armpit doesn’t bunch awkwardly.
3. Match the side seams up cut out a neckline. I made the back a little bigger than normal for the gathering.
4. Hem the neckline by folding a half inch of the neckline inwards and sewing a straight stitch all the way around.
5. After making the neckline, gather the back’s neckline on the same neckline seam as much as you want. I gathered mine about 5″.
6. Cut the bottom how you like, I did a rounded bottom.
7. Hem the bottom 3/4″ to an 1″ up all the way around with a straight stitch. If the top is borderline tighter around the bottom, then use a zig zag stitch or you can use a straight stitch as long as you stretch the bottom as you sew.


  1. fabulous idea! This is so versatile and wayyy more classy than the “before” tee!

  2. Seriously…. Liz the magician.

  3. So much cuter!! :) Great job and fabulous idea!! Hugs, Holly

  4. You are the prettiest! I came across your blog today and I love it. :)

    This is such a good idea, I’ll have to keep it in mind if and when I have a little one of my own…

  5. love this and seriously want to make my own!

    **is this the tutorial for the mint stripped loose fit top a little ways back??

  6. There is nothing more versatile, wearable, and chic than a white tee! Just look at Jennifer Anniston. She always looks awesome and is usually wearing a white tee and jeans

  7. Love it! I’ve been waiting for this tutorial ever since you posted this tee with the painted stripes.

  8. I must do this :) It’s really fust and great DIY :) Thanks! :*

  9. Ahh, this is exactly what I needed right now! I just started working on some of my hubs old t-shirts, and the first one was much more complicated then it needs to be. I’m so glad you posted this, now I will do so much better! Wish I was as talented as you girl! -Meghan

  10. you have got some serious talent!


  11. Sooooo adorable! Simplicity at its best.

  12. Wow this is adorable! (:

  13. Super cute! I am always looking for new white tees, so this one will definitely be an upcoming project. Thanks!

  14. Love this! Such a genius way to redo a regular t-shirt.



  15. That is adorable!!! and you can wear it not just when you’re pregnant too! I love it! What I like is you can make a little collection of them for cheap! a pack of white tee’s and some rit die and you can have a bunch of new cute shirts for cheap!

  16. That looks wonderful, I had never thought about doing something like that. It looks very comfy.

  17. I just found your blog and it’s lovely! (additionally: I adore your purple pants and your baby bump is adorable). Keep it up!!

  18. that looks so good! where are the purple pants from?

  19. Love the loose cotton tunics for maternity wear- i feel Yours Elegantly an online cotton tunics site with beautiful light embroidery is fantastic for maternity wear. Affordable with thw up to 70% off sale it has cotton preshrunk wrinkle free tunics in awesome colors. Plus size tunics in cotton are what I love!

  20. Great idea!

  21. Thank you for sharing this tutorial. I am constantly borrowing my husbands t-shirts because they are just so comfortable to wear while I am pregnant. I am pregnant! I am excited to grab a mens white t -shirt and make it my own. Good luck with your pregnancy. You are inspiring me to make my wardrobe so much better!

  22. So darling, what a great idea! My husband always has tons of these shirts, I’m definitely stealing one!

  23. You have Fantastic Taste! I am in love with your shoes!!!

  24. you look radiant and so beautiful in that white maxi! really stunning <3
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  25. Looking so stylish in that shoes! i love that:) its really looking so stylish to carry cheap tees in your dressing style!

  26. I kind of made this 20 minutes after I saw this post. This is one of those projects that you look at and go “holy crap, I can knock that out in half an hour… and it’ll be AWESOME.” Thanks for sharing!


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