+ Tailoring trousers…again.

 A small alteration goes a LONG way. Thanks again emily. If you like the top too…tutorial here. 

Follow this tailoring your trousers tutorial. If you want to keep them high waisted, then just take in the legs, and start from the top of the pant legs not the middle (crotch area).


  1. What a great improvement!!! I think I have to be brave and try this myself. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That after outfit is so pretty

  3. I plan on using this tutorial in a couple weeks, I have two pairs of thrifted pants that I want to make skinny and cropped, Love your stuff!

  4. Adorable, adorable, adorable! xo

  5. Mary Cayten says:

    Hi! I love your blog!! I tried the link for the above shirt but it didn’t work. Is there somewhere else to find it? Thanks!