+ The crazy last few weeks and projects to come…

I feel so spoiled because of SO many family events recently. Every single week for almost a month. And there are just going to keep on coming with a wedding, a baby birth, a baby blessing, and a BYU graduation. Phew.
What I’ve done so far….attend my grandma’s funeral (I have the biggest and greatest family in the world), went to h&m and went crazy on buying clothes for Beck – he desperately needed a new hat his hair is insane (mother’s day present to myself), I did some refashioning on a TV show (coming in August) within a few hours I returned home from Washington, went to my brother’s farewell a few days later (he is the handsome one in the top left – next to one of my projects), sent my brother off to the MTC a week later which is crazy because he is my first little baby it seems, visited my brother and future sister-in-law at their lab at BYU, hence the goggles, and I also happened to finish a some projects, thankfully. The blue and white striped top tutorial to coming tomorrow and the skinnies refashion (Beck is wearing them on his bike) coming soon. During all of this, my baby is growing very big 9, quite more than average, and starting to weigh very heavy on my upper abs and hips. Oh I’m loving these last 5 weeks of pregnancy. 
Life has been crazy. But I’m okay with that.


  1. Only 5 weeks to meet your baby! You must be so excited! Yay for finishing projects! I wish I could say the same… I have a huge pile of unfinished projects. Hopefully when this semester is over I can finish at least a couple of them and post them on my blog.

  2. holy cow, is it really only 5 more weeks? No way are you 8 months pregnant in all your pics!

  3. It sounds like you have been a busy lady indeed! But the craziness only entails the most fulfilling and joyous thing in life – family :)

  4. Why is it that everything always seems to happen at once?? Enjoy these last few weeks…before you know it you’ll be a family of four!

  5. You are so pretty! Congrats on the soon to be born baby! You have a cute little family! I love your blog too!!

  6. I’m pretty new to your blog and it is always fun coming back. Now the best part is that I just realized that we are due right around the same time! I just move far from my friends and home so its been nice finding other ladies in my same boat… baby on board 😉 I’m glad you have so much good and fun and family around to pass the time. I am anxious for our babies’ arrivals! Take care!

  7. Sounds like a crazy while! I just started following your blog and in one entry you’ve covered more than it feels like I have in mooonths. Condolences about yer grandmother, and best wishes for the end of the pregnancy coaster!

  8. OMG what a crazy days!!!!
    nice photos!!!

  9. today i found your blog and i really really love the Ideas! :)

  10. Was wondering were the awesome red jellies came from? Such a cute, practical pregnancy shoe.