+ Before and after baby Ollie

Before the babes came, I tried a few things to get him out early…and that included riding a bike. Not sure if it worked or not, but I did go into labor 12 hours later. Or maybe I just went into labor because I had an absolute break down at 6 in the morning, just a big old cry fest. Uncontrollable, but at least short. Danny I’m sure thought I was crazy because of the randomness of it all. But half our later….contractions started! And 5 hours later came Ollie. Since then, it has been a whirlwind of craziness. Why you ask? Well, it isn’t because we have a newborn, because he is so sweet and hardly cries, Beck cried 24/7. It was the fact that 2 days after I got back from the hospital, I got a stomach bug that lasted 4 days, then beck got the stomach bug, then pink eyes (plural), then foot hand mouth virus, and currently still wakes up with high fevers. So we are going on 2 and a half weeks of crazy. Poor Beck. I’m hoping that by this wednesday he is 100% better because of family is coming in town for my little brother’s wedding. Oh please oh please.
But Ollie is doing great! He is a big boy, eats and sleeps all the time. He has big eyes (looks like they could go blue like his dad) and just stares at you with them. So sweet.  We went to his 2 week check up and found he was above average in head and weight and pretty dang tall. 
Danny and I went on our first date since the new babes and boy do I love my man. He still makes me laugh after 5 years of marriage. And of course I couldn’t get him to sit still for a photo for the life of me, wish he would….he is so dang handsome.
top pic – top: isabella oliver       date pic – lace top: oasap    necklace: mom’s    ring: grandma’s


  1. You are so cute and you have a great family! Hope your big boy is better now.

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous, girl! That sounds awfuuuuuuuuuul! HFandM is THE WORST ON THE PLANET!!!!!! My daughter got it from nursery (curse you!) and then my husband got it. Apparently there was a strain here in the Southeast where adults could get it and it hit him so hard and he was completely out of commission for a week straight. An almost 30 yr old got kicked to the ground for a WEEK! it was insane. Hang in there girl.

  3. adorable! :)


  4. Aw congrats!!!! You and your whole family are so cute!!


  5. Your family is absolutely precious! I hope everyone starts to feel better soon!!


  6. the amazing amount of things that can go wrong with birth and young babies scares me. great you have a healthy, happy family – these are lovely photos.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  7. Wow! All that sickness… no fun!

    Cute little guy though!

  8. What a gorgeous little family you have! Xx

  9. Love this post! You’re babes is gorgeous! And I have to say your hubby reminds me of my brother. same long hair, hates pictures online! 😛 Hope beck gets better soon!

  10. What a lovely family! you rock for riding a bike at 40 weeks. I’m 29 weeks and i wont go near that thing!!


  11. Yuck about the tummy bug (IMHO the WORST!!!) and the HFandM. My kids had that two years ago, but fortunately there were no newborns I’m the house at that time. But you have very sweet babies and I hope that’s the last of the yucky ness for a while! Take care of yourself!

  12. You guys are such a cute family! I heard that foot hand mouth was going around…poor little guy! I’m glad July is over because the kids and I have been under the weather too…and they still have one more week of breathing treatments (asthma/allergies).

    btw you look amazing! Can’t even tell you had a baby!


  13. That little baby is the cutest! Good thing he’s patient while you all were sick.

  14. Oh my gosh, how do you look so dang gorgeous 2 weeks after giving birth?? Just amazing!

  15. amazing photos! i especially love the first one of you on the bike, so beautiful.

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  16. bless your heart!! what a rough time! i hope it gets better really soon! and im loving baby #2! hes a cutie!

  17. Oh how precious!! My sister just had her very first baby, which is the very first in the family (http://heidi-and-seek.blogspot.ca/2012/07/nora-ellice.html), what a crazy amazing experience!

  18. He is gorgeous. I only hope my boy turns out half as cute as yours :) Hope your family gets healthy soon!

  19. Your baby is absolutely adorable! I hope everyone is feeling better!

  20. nice & cool, love it :)