+ Change the fabric of your shoes.

Look at all the “moke”…
Beck hiding – fireworks make him very very nervous.
Me calming him down, “its just a stink bomb…they just make pretty colors”
These were fun to do because of how quick and easy they were. Imagine every holiday or event you have some fun shoes to go with it! How much would your kids love it too if they could turn their old looking shoes into something they love?!  Love it! This was the first time I worked with fabric mod podge and I love it.We had a quick pre-fourth celebration, maybe because we were so excited about how Beck would react to the fireworks we just bought that day. We were very surprised that Beck was very nervous and hid behind a pole the entire time – last year he was all about it. Off to buy more fireworks that don’t make noise and just put out pretty colors and awful smells.

shoes (preferably fabric for this project)
shoe cleaner (soap and water)
sponge brush
1. Clean the shoes
2. Paint areas that need painting white. I had to paint over the green elastic and green on the rubber of the sole.
3. Place fabric over shoe, trace, and mark the outline of the shoe’s different pieces. I made sure to add extra fabric where the tongue of the shoe is, so it can be folded under and around it. And added extra to the top edge of the back piece in order to fold down into the shoe. This shoe had 2 main pieces so traced and cut out the front piece and back piece. Cut out the pieces.
4. Fabric mod podge the wrong side of the fabric pieces.
5. Lay the pieces in place on the shoe. I started with the back piece first. Then fold the extra into the shoe.
6. Put the front piece in place after the fabric mod podge has been applied, and fold the extra fabric edges under the tongue.
—-let dry for at least 2 hours—
7. Coat the top piece with fabric mod podge and let dry for at least 2 hours.



  1. So awesome :)

  2. I can’t wait to do this! You are genius!

  3. such a creative idea! and you look adorable wearing them!
    love your blog – hope you can check mine out as well!


  4. Very cute! Extra impressed that you did this so preggers!

  5. A very fun idea! It will go perfect with a pair of jeans and white tee that I’m wearing for the 4th. Thanks!

  6. goodness girl! when are you gonna have your baby!?

  7. You look great! Love the fabric you picked. :) I just used it for a dress for my daughter (and a circle skirt for her little friend).

  8. I like this shoes :) This is great idea :)

  9. This is the best idea! I’m 39 weeks pregnant and I don’t want to buy any new clothes just for the 4th but I don’t have anything very festive. THIS will be easy, cheap and perfect! Fantastic!!! You guys are the cutest family ever. I love seeing how beautiful and even glamorous you are and then you have a handsome “rugged-ish” (no offense meant at all) husband and son. This is how the men in my little family are too… Hopefully that makes sense. Its meant to be a compliment. :-)

  10. I love your blog! All of your ideas are so great and the tutorials are super easy to follow! Thanks for putting all this up on the internet for the rest of the world to get inspired!

  11. pretty. look like new shoe

  12. Haha I never would’ve thought of that. Sweet. :)

  13. What a sick idea! All over this.

  14. A great idea… now which shoes to try this out with first…
    Elena x

  15. I really like the fabric you used, great job.

  16. thanks for sharing.

  17. I love looking through an article that can make men and women think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!