+ Make a vintage polka dot top with fabric spray paint

I was dying to use colored fabric spray paint on something (no pun intended), why not to vintage-ify a top with polka dots? I’m sure that word or action doesn’t exist, but I sure love using it. I ended up liking this spray, I realized after using it, the projects are endless….you can spray in lines (like here), or you could create an ombre effect with spraying more paint on the bottom, or you could spray the whole shirt down and stencil over it…just to name a few.
fabric spray paint (preferably in a lighter color, but this one is kelly green)
scissors or or circle punch (whatever shape you want)
***Things you need to know before using fabric spray paint…your fingers will get drenched and the area around where you are spraying (spray in the grass with some gloves), if doing a project like this where you will be spraying most of the shirt – I would go with a lighter color spray like yellow because it will show less mistakes, it can be hard to spray under the arms and the side seams so you may want to spray it on something that has more body (not just a hanger, unless you feel confident!), and  last – sometimes the stream starts and ends with a big splash of dye messing up the nice even spray (so start and end the spray paint outside of the shirt and bring it in midstream and keep it consistently spraying). Also, this project used an entire can of  paint…so plan accordingly.
1. Cut out tons of circles (or whatever shape you like) by using a dye cut machine, punch or those trusty scissors.
2. Iron on the the circles on the shirt, I used a ruler and imperfectly placed them roughly 2 inches from each other.
3. Spray the shirt outside over grass (somewhere you don’t care to get paint) evenly throughout the top. To prevent clumps, make sure to spray the shirt mid stream starting and ending the paint outside the top.
4. Peel of the dots after the shirt has dried.


  1. That turned out really, really, really cute, Liz! Can’t believe that you can keep coming up with new things all the time!

  2. Wow! I love stenciling, but have never done done it inversely! Genius!

  3. Glam and fab…like always!

  4. awesome, i love your style! and the ideas you always have are sooo sooo impressive!

  5. I love old things in new view :) You always have great idea :)

  6. this is adorable!! did you just use regular paper or a special kind for the circles?

  7. i totally love this shirt with your adorable belly!

  8. That looks so cool and original! Great job!

  9. you have a great blog. i love your wedges in this outfit!! where did you get them? ^_^


  10. Love, Love, LOVE the polka dots! What a fun idea!

  11. That looks so cute,I love the way you made it your own.

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  14. What kind of paper did you use for the circles?

  15. This is a topic which is close to my heart… Thank you! Exactly where are your contact details though?

  16. Hey, I was wondering what was it that you cut the circles out of? It looks like paper in the photo, was it wax paper maybe?