+ Men’s tee to a flattering tee tutorial

My favorite tee shirt tutorial ever. I literally have to stop myself from making this top every time my husband throws another one into the DI pile. Not only is it the most flattering top I’ve made and worn, but it is great for maternity and postpartum belly coverup too! Great top to feel comfy and casual in.
oversized tee
sewing machine
fabric marker or use pins
1. Try the tee shirt on inside out, pinch the sleeve and chest area equally on both sides of the tee shirt and mark with pins or a fabric marker. Then taper out to the desired width you want. With maternity, taper much more than the non-maternity top around the belly area.
Lay a tee shirt you like the fit of and mark the outline of the tee in just the chest and sleeve area on the bigger tee. Then taper out the desired width you want. With maternity, taper much more than the non-maternity top around the belly area.
2. Sew by following the markings and cut the excess off or serge the edges.  Knit doesn’t fray so it is ok to cut without serging.
3.  Fold in half so the side seams are lined up and touching. Cut the bottom into a round shape, starting with the center to be the longest and the side seams to be the shortest.
4. Hem the bottom by folding and sewing a straight stitchon the edge 3/4″ to 1″ under. Iron flat.
5. Cut out the ribbing from the neckline, and make the edges clean so it can be opened or unfolded. Then, pin and sew the edges right side together. So then it can be folded back in half with the raw edges hidden inside.
6. Match up the side seams and shoulder seams and cut out the neckline to be the desired deepness.
7. Pin and sew the neckline evenly around the newly cut neckline from the shirt with a straight stitch (if it isn’t going to be stretched much) or with a vari-overlock stitch or zig-zag stitch, right sides together.
***If your ribbing when stretched won’t fit around the neckline of the shirt or you don’t like the ribbing, then toss out the ribbing and fold the neckline from the shirt under 1/2″ to 3/4″ and sew at the edge.
8.  Optional – topstitch the excess fabric from sewing the neckline and ribbing together down in front to make it look clean. Iron.



  1. love it! now I just need some men’s shirts to do this with!

    Cardigans and Cookie Dough

  2. So you don’t do anything to the sleeve edges other than stitch at the underarm?

  3. this is great! looks easy and such a good, simple idea.

    <3 katherine
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  4. This is fabulous! I have to try it out :)


  5. I am learning to sew, this is very helpful thank you!! Your refashions are a big part of what has inspired me to learn.

  6. This is great i have to try it!

  7. So simple. Excited to find some mens shirts now…

  8. I’m 8 months pregnant and running out of comfortable clothes to wear. This looks ideal. I think I will raid my husbands wardrobe!


  9. I ADORE your blog and every refashion you do! I’m so thrilled to try this tutorial but for the life of me I cannot understand your 5th step entirely. I showed them to a seamstress friend and she couldn’t understand it either. Once I cut the ribbing off, what am I doing with it? Please explain, I’m super excited to try this soon!! Thanks for everything!!

    • She’s just saying to keep the ribbing clean cut and doubled over to reuse it, I think. I understood it to mean the right sides of the ribbing, and neck opening sewed together. Was a little confusing but mine turned out great. (Though the first took two hours thanks to my very steep learning curve). Hopefully my next one will go quicker.

  10. The top looks very nice and as usual you make your tutorials as simple as possible to follow.

    p.s do take a look at my blog when you can.

  11. I need to try this ASAP!!

  12. Great idea!

  13. i love it:)

    my DIYs —————-> http://gkdone.blogspot.com/

  14. It’s so cute! Amazing that it used to be a men’s shirt! I love it.

  15. I did this! I skipped redoing the neckline because I had to get it done fast, but I’ll go back and do that sometime. Thank you for a great tutorial!

  16. Wonderful, I love that you were able to fix it like this and make such a pretty shirt.

  17. I love this shirt and want to make it. I know you use mens shirts, but what type/brand are they usually? Thanks :)

  18. Love this – have made an Olympics maternity tee for my London summer in just a day!! It’s brilliant, thank you. And congratulations on your new arrival. :) X

  19. i also do not understand the fifth step completely. i really am excited to try the concept though! i just would think that by making the neckline bigger you would need more material to cover the entire neckline.. maybe not.

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    What did you use to paint the stripes?

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