+ Oh baby

My little babes is finally out and we’re all enamored with him and his kissable cheeks and sandy blonde hair. It was a fast labor and delivery and call me crazy, but I’m sad it went by so fast. 
Thanks for all your nice comments…you guys are the sweetest!


  1. He’s absolutely adorable. Congrats on a healthy baby and an easy delivery :)

  2. YAY!!! So perfect. Congrats, gorgeous lady! xoxo

  3. AWWWW!!! So small!!
    Congratulations, I’m so happy for you :)

  4. Perfect. What a wonderful day for you. Congrats.

  5. congrats!
    welcome to this crazy world you sweet boy! <3


  6. I’ve got baby fever, he’s so cute! Congrats!

  7. Oh man, that last pic with Beck is stinking adorable.

  8. congratulations! beautiful!

  9. Congratulations, he’s gorgeous. And I’m insanely jelous that you manage to look so good after giving birth!

  10. You are a very beautiful mother!!!

  11. you look gorgeous! :))))))
    Congrats from Poland :)))

  12. Congratulations to you and your new little fam of 4! May this be a blessed time full of joy, rest, and sweet baby cuddles! He’s precious!

  13. You and baby both look amazing! Beautiful photos, b&w looks so precious!

  14. He looks so sweet sucking his thumb and you look so beautiful….

  15. He looks so adorable! Congratulations to you and the rest of the family!

  16. congrats! this an very special moment. Enjoy us!

  17. Ohmigosh! That is just so precious!! The picture with Beck! Hearttouching :)

  18. So very sweet! The last picture is my favorite :)

  19. kisses :)

  20. congratulations! he looks healthy and happy. :) and so does your family.
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  21. Own, congratulations. :)

  22. So glad to see such happy faces! and glad you don’t have to wait any longer. Btw…your not crazy, I remember thinking the same thing after I had my son:P

  23. Congratulations! He is so beautiful :)

  24. felicitaciones!!!!

    hermosas fotos

    karina :)

  25. Beautiful!

  26. beautiful and congratulations!!!

  27. He is beautiful
    The picture with his big brother holding him is simply lovely.

  28. Congratulations!!! :)

  29. Congratulations! He is perfect :)

  30. so lovely! congrats!!!


  31. Congrats, cutie baby!

  32. freakin’ cute!

  33. Oh Liz! I’m so excited to squeeze him and cuddle him and hear all about it!!

  34. BEAUTIFUL! congratulations! :)

  35. Oh he’s so cute! <3 Congratulations!

  36. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So adorbs!! xoxoxox

  37. Happy family!!!
    Congratulations and wish you all the best!!

  38. So sweet! Makes me ache for another.

  39. Congratulations!!He’s so cute. Wish you all the best 😉

  40. Love the pictures you all look very happy.

  41. congrats on the new little one! your Oliver is a doll. And that last picture of big brother snuggling him is to die for. :)

  42. Congrats. For all the laboring you do in others areas, you deserved a break here. YEAHOO to big bro Becks.

  43. Congratulations!

  44. You’re beautiful mommy! Congrats from Poland ;))

  45. Congrats! Oliver- love his name!

  46. Congratulations! Sorry to be so late in the game with my well wishes!! XO

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