+ Our 24th celebration

 These 24th of July festivities are becoming a tradition over at my sister-in-law Sarah’s house with, swimming, many many sugary desserts, family socializing, and a bazillion fireworks and sparklers. My husband and some of his brothers were giddy like little kids with all the firework commotion going around. Unfortunately, Beck started getting really scared when the bigger fireworks went off. The only good thing about him being scared…the cuddling…oh man was that my favorite part from last night. Last night was a BLAST, no pun intended…. but I love getting together with this family.
Because I still have that post baby belly bump, I slipped on one of my square tops (that was worn here) which was comfy and flattering, and bonus, hid my belly area very well. Great top for post-partum!  


  1. no worries about a belly…you’re only given birth!Give it some time, you are so beautiful as you are …

  2. One question and One comment…Question: What is the significance behind the 24th celebration or is it just an arbitrary day to get together and have fun with the dam? My comment: Oliver looks just like Danny!! He’s the cutest thing ever!!

    • You know…I don’t really know! I think it’s pioneer day? Like Utah’s birthday? I personally think its an excuse to lite more fireworks and hang out. And Im alllll about that.

  3. In the 8th photo from the top… just had to say… your hair looks amazing – you could totally be in a pantene ad. (My hair is about the same length as yours, and very straight, but not as thick, plus i always get flyaways and yours is so shiny and smooth.) Compliments to you! Are you just blessed by good genes? Or do you have some favorite products (if you don’t mind sharing)?

  4. You have beautiful hair!! such a cute little boy too :)

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  5. such wonderful photos!
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