+ Waiting in a white dress.

top: f21    dress: ruche   hat: oasap 
 Its go time….any day now the baby will hopefully make his appearance. So until then, we’ve been picking apricots, visiting family, trying to induce labor by doing exercise ball squats, eating cookie dough, and building a treehouse. Oh and sewing up a storm. Lots of tutorials for when I’m without the giant watermelon tummy. So excited! I’ve got tutorials for tops to help with covering up that Postpartum belly, for baby accessories, non-prego dresses and skirts. I’ve got quite the array of tutorials and I’m SO pumped to get them out there. 
I think I may be more excited for this little guy to make his appearance though.


  1. Oh! Your belly is so cute! I can’t wait to meet your little baby and to see more of your awesome tutorials!
    Good luck for this new stage!

  2. Congrats!!! You are too cute prego, but I bet it will be nice to be regular sized again 😉 can’t wait for all the turtorials

  3. You are so cute! You kind of look like Sara Callies!

  4. Liz you are so cute! you look amazing! :)

  5. You are the most gorgeous pregnant woman in the world!

  6. i LOVE your tutorials, you are so creative and such a gorgeous prego (:
    congrats on your soon to be newborn! my Krew is almost 9 months and seeing you reach your due date brings back so many memories

  7. You look absolutely gorgeous!! xo


  8. Good for you to have all those projects ready! So excited for you to meet your little mane! I loved those days in the hospital with my new babies. I’m really excited to see the postpartum shirts to cover the belly, I still need them and my baby is 3. Good luck with labor!

  9. I can’t wait for the new stuff! You’re an inspiration to me!



  10. Can’t wait to hear the big news! I hope everything goes smoothly.

  11. Beautiful pictures! You look absolutely gorgeous xo

  12. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  13. You are the cutest pregnant lady I have ever seen. Ever. And best of luck! Can’t wait to see the baby.

  14. You look gorgeous!

  15. THat white dress looks perfect on you! I hope your little bundle shows up soon. Can’t wait to see him.

  16. you look so adorable!

    Lindsey Turner

  17. you look radiant and so beautiful in that white maxi! really stunning <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  18. Oh my goodness I hope I look this good when I am pregnant!!!

  19. Congratulations! Sorry to be so late in the game with my well wishes!! XO

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