+ You can make this….quick stretchy pencil skirt

 This is a pencil skirt (tutorial here) I made a long time ago that I’ve absolutely loved because of how easy it was to make it, how comfy it is, and how many times I’ve worn it, even throughout pregnancy. It took me a whole 30 minutes to make too! If you use a thicker stretchy fabric and make it a perfect fit, you will find it quite flattering too! I wore this last sunday for Ollie’s baby blessing, and I felt comfy and cute, not to mention that I could wear this stretchy pencil skirt while managing two kiddos…so yes, it is mom approved. 
I got my hair colored for the first time in forever, literally it has been ages. Its called a color melt and I love how it turned out. I’m surprised I went through with it…glad I did!


  1. Hair looks great, skirt looks great; I’ve got a long-sleeved lace shirt in my sewing pile that I’ve been meaning to make into a pencil skirt. Once I’ve got the crazy tension in my sewing machine figured out, It’s first on my to-do list!

  2. your hair looks great. and I love that skirt. two wins!

  3. I’m now convinced I need to make this skirt… And get a color melt!! Is there a tutorial for the skirt? You look fantastic by the way!

  4. Cute skirt and i love the color of your hair. So pretty. -Heidi http://fabricandfrosting.blogspot.no/

  5. you look very well and fresh. yesterday looked at her skirt pencil in top shop, but she was black and seemed to me скучной. now I’m inspired to make the most! thank you!

  6. You look gorgeous! Where did you get your shoes? They’re cute!

  7. Looks amazing :) x

  8. you look gorgeous! i love your hair color.


  9. your hair looks amazing!

  10. Oh… where do you find your fabric? I always have a hard time finding this kind of fabric in stores!

  11. Oh yeah! I think I will make this one ASAP! It looks great :)

  12. a color melt?! what is this glory you speak of. looks fantastic!!

  13. your hair is stunning, and I thought that even before I read that you just colored it. I like how natural it is. A truly inspiring blog!

  14. Love the skirt, but your hair looks amazing! I’ve never heard of a color melt. I had the ombre thing done with mine a few months ago and it looked horrendous (it was dyed back to it’s natural dark brown last month); if it had looked like yours I would’ve kept it! PS: I never comment on your blog, but I am a loyal reader. You have a beautiful family and I am in awe of your ability to sew anything and everything!

  15. love you and your blog! so glad i found you. new follower!


  16. Cute skirt and outfit. I am crushing on those heels!

  17. I made a very similar skirt this summer! I thrifted the fabric (like 3yds for $1!!) and I’ve gotten SO many compliments on it. I love the way you styled it. In fact, I may or may not do something similar for a blogging event I have tonight.


  18. how did you just have a baby?! you look amazing! and, i’m going to have to try this! so cute!
    where do you find stretchy fabrics?

    • I find most of my fabric at DI…the greatest place ever for fabric finds. Other than that there isn’t anywhere with cute stretchy fabrics besides fabric districts in LA and NY and places. Sometimes that have cute stripe fabrics at hancocks and hobby lobby, but not that often. Do you like to thrift? We should go sometime and maybe we can find some awesome fabric!

  19. You’ve been nominated for “One Lovely Blog” award!! Check it out at: http://www.westcoastathome.blogspot.com

  20. that is seriously awesome!

  21. Darling! I love it. All my pencil skirts are getting rather tight in my prego belly, but a knit one would work fine! :)Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. This is darling! I love it! I am your newest follower!

  23. Kaitlin says:

    A lot of your tutorial links aren’t working :(