+ 3 ways to revamp a button up shirt

One of my favorite things to alter/upcycle/refashion are button up tops because they’re so easy to change! A quick take in here and there and you’ve got it…a new and modernized top. When I get my hands on a button up that is in need of fixing, I use one of these 3 ways to take in a top paired with these quick instructions below. For you pregnant ladies, tapered is the way to go!
1. Try on inside out.
2. Mark what needs to be taken in. Use one of pictures below for your guide.
3. Pin flat.
4. Sew along the markings.
5. Cut out excess fabric leaving half inch.
6. Serge raw edges (or use zig zag stitch).
7. Iron.

top: thrifted/refashioned with tapered technique   bottoms/shoes/sunglasses: f21


  1. Great tutorial! One for every need!

  2. Love this! And cute shoes…where they from?!

  3. I’m definitely going to try this on a velvet men’s shirt I bought at a thrift store. Thanks!

  4. Love this. Now I need to thrift some tops.
    Love your shoesssssss.

  5. This is awesome! I’m working on a tutorial of my own for something similar. But I LOVE that you have three different ways. Definitely gonna have to try it your way. I was taking in the sleeves and accidentally bunched it up so I have ruffled shoulders. They turned out way cute luckily! ALSO love those shoes!

  6. oooh but I LOVE those leopard boots! 😉


  7. this is SOOOO cute.

  8. You are so clever! Definitely going to try this. Love your blog :)

  9. It looks so simple! i need a sewing machine

  10. So simple! Thanks heaps for this! :)

  11. this is awesome! totally doing this tomorrow. just curious, which way did you choose to alter your shirt?

    • boxy….with my breastfeeding chest it may look a little more tapered, but now (that I haven’t for a long time) it fits perfectly boxy.

  12. you are awesome! i need to try this! xx


  13. yay! i just bought a button up at a thrift store thats a bit too big and now i know how to fix it! thank you!

  14. Ohh my days! Just come accross your blog for the first time! Just what I need!




  15. I will use the old bottom shirts of my boyfriend ! Thanks for the idea :)

  16. This is a killer skirt. I have to add it to the pile of tutorials you have posted that I have to try that is growing. (and growing) Except I have the perfect fabric for this one in my stash so at least I can put it on the top of the pile. 😀

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  17. What kind of refashion did you choose to do to the shirt you’re wearing in the first couple pictures there? Did you do fitted, tapered, or boxy?

  18. What do you do if the shoulders are too wide? This always seems to be the issue for me with men’s clothing.