+ Ollie is 2 months!

My littlest is now the ripe old age of 2 months…and boy has he become such a sweet little boy. He loves to suck on his hands, coo very loudly (he thinks he can talk along with the rest of us), he loves to stare and attempts to swat, he finally started to poop a little more regularly – thank heavens, but his gas is still mighty stinky, his eyes are getting more and more blue everyday, and his eyelashes have grown out to be long and blonde like his dad’s, his cul-de-sac bold spot is slowly starting to fill in with a sandy blonde (finally!), he still hates to nap, but is getting better. He seems like such a sweet, calm, smart boy and we are all still obsessed.


  1. oh, he is beautiful!

  2. What a cutie! Congrats :)

  3. oh my, he is so adorable!



  4. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  5. Awwwww! Ollie is my dog’s name. I kinda wish I would have saved it for my future baby boy. Such a great name. :)

  6. What a sweetie he is! And I just really love his name :)

  7. Too cute! You make some pretty cute babies.

    xo emily, http://www.bupster.blogspot.com

  8. Such a little cutie! x

  9. He is so precious!! I get lost in his eyes. I can’t believe he is already 2 months!

  10. What a doll! I hadn’t realized that my Jackson and your Ollie were born on the same day! (guess I was a little busy, haha) Good grief, the gas, isn’t that one of the worst things about nursing? A big wuff of gnarly baby fart right nice and close to your face! Phew, unfortunate to the ninth degree! Multiply that by about seven if you’re wearing a nursing cover and forget to keep baby’s bum uncovered, effectively turning it into a little dutch-oven chimney, just for your nasal pleasure.
    Two months is such a sweet age! Jackson slept ten hours on Saturday night and I decided he’s my favourite. My 20 month old daughter? She was up three times last night. :p

    • haha…I feel ya. Seriously how are little things so stinky? My 3 year old is the worst sleeper and eater. I can’t believe he slept 10 hours?! Did you do anything special?

  11. Love it! Little ones are the sweetest!!

  12. Love it! Little ones are the sweetest!!

  13. He’s gorgeous

  14. Прелесть!

  15. Wow! Already two months?! Someday you’ll have to share with us how you got back your pre-pegnancy (though it’s never really pre-pregnancy, is it?) body so quickly! You look fabulous. And he really is adorable. What a cutie.

  16. I love it, he is so cute.

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