+ Romper into top tutorial and a farmer’s market with Meeshball

 Nothing better than a farmer’s market with you best friend, your kids and a new top to show off! With this transition into fall, why not cut up those summery rompers and make a whole new-to-you top? And so quick too! Just one of the many ways to transition beautifully and frugally into the fall.
This farmer’s market in Provo is placed smack in the middle of center street in between traffic and everything. There was this super sweet farmer who sold us a watermelon, tomatoes, and pears for cheap a couple bucks (if you go there next wednesday he is the last stand). And I can’t believe how huge the produce is? Beck kept trying to snatch tasty bites from the baskets of fruit as we walked by them, literally he tries this every single time we go to places like this. The boy likes his produce! To top this day off, my friend Meesh cooked us some muffins with the peaches she bought there…and I might have ate 3 right after she dropped them off. I couldn’t help it, they were dang good!

Thanks for taking some photos and bringing over some peach muffins Meesh!

1. Fold in half so side seams are touching. Cut out the joining part of the shorts out and however much extra you want. I cut mine at an angle.
2. Sew the middle front and back seam of the where the shorts were to be more straight.
3. Hem!
If you need to shorten the top part of the romper follow these steps! I only did the back.
1. Seam rip the elastic from the shirt where it needs to be shortened.
2. Slide the top and bottom part into each other only exposing the joining serged edge. Sew a new line above the old taking out the amount you need. If you are taking out a lot, separate the top for the bottom and cut out what’s needed. Then sew the pieces back together and finish the edge.
3. Reattach the elastic to the edge.
4. Finished look.


  1. Great photos and cute top

  2. cutest hair & blouse ever!

  3. hey i recognize that romper 😉

  4. I love this top with its’ detailing in the back! So cute and breezy for a warm fall day.


    swaney e

  5. totally love your hair and the sleeping baby on your arm!

  6. What a great idea for all those summer rompers I won’t be able to wear soon. You look great! And I love all the pics.

    xo Emily

  7. another great one :)

    Thanks love!

    xo, Emily

  8. so cute! adore this outfit and your pretty photos!
    kw, Ladies in Navy

  9. amazing!

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  10. Great idea!

  11. obsessed with your blog!!!! Cant wait to do this to all my rompers!!! new follower and cannot wait to read more!


  12. I really like this one :)

  13. i thought i recognized the background. must be center street! love it :)
    and love all your posts

  14. Um, I died. That is amazingly perfect and way too adorable.

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