+ Very easy stretchy pencil skirt tutorial (can be worn long or short!)

Can you spot the difference between the two images? One is midi and one is knee length, but it is the same skirt and the same tutorial. This is just one of the reasons I’m loving all sorts of things about this skirt! It is cheetah print, it cost $3 to make, it is stretchy, comfy, easy and fast to make, and most of all…it is 2 skirts in one. It can be transformed from a midi to a knee length skirt with just a fold of the band. Now go and make one!
hat: oasap      top: self-made (tutorial here)     skirt: self-made (even simpler pencil skirt tutorial here)   shoes: f21

1 yard of stretchy material (this depends on how long you want the skirt) – this one is from hobby lobby
sewing machine
measuring tape
marking device
Cutting & Measuring:
ONE – a long piece (ore two half pieces) of a fabric that stretches from right to left. Make it as long as your waist size once stretched tightly around your waist with seam allowance, and about 12-14 inches wide with seam allowance. I took mine in a few times after because it stretches more than I thought. **Most importantly make sure it can slide up and over your hips.
TWO – Cut two pieces for the main part of the skirt by measuring around your upper hips/low waist, then measure how long you want the skirt from your upper hips/lower waist to 5+ inches past your knee. Add seam allowance to both measurements. Remember you want the skirt to stretch, so once it is all sewn up, you will have to try this part on and take it on by a few inches. But to be on the safe side I always start out this way. Cut out your pieces.
1. Sew your pieces together to create two tubes. One is you waist band and the other is your main skirt. Try on the waist band and the skirt separately and take in till it fits comfortably.
2.  Fold the tube of the waist band in half, wrongs sides touching. Iron.
3. Slide the waist band into the skirt, right sides together (the cheetah prints are touching) with raw edges facing up. Pin them together. You will have to stretch the band while you sew it to the rest of the skirt if you are like me and your hips are bigger than your waist (so the openings of the band and the skirt won’t match up completely.
4. Sew them together with a vari-overlock stitch or zig zag stitch. You don’t need to serge the edges because knit doesn’t fray.
5. Hem the bottom at least one inch. I folded the end in 1/4 inch, then again an inch, ironed and sewed. I sewed a straight stitch and stretched the fabric while I sewed it into place (I feel the straight stitch looks the nicest, but you can use a zig zag too).


  1. Love that skirt! I may have to give this tutorial a try, even though I’m not sure I have the body type for a knit pencil skirt. With a cost of a few dollars, it’s definitely worth attempting.

  2. clever!! :)

  3. You have the best tutorials! Thanks, this is perfect

    xo emily, http://www.bupster.blogspot.com

  4. Great tutorial! I have some fabric I couldn’t figure out what to do with and I should definitely try this out. Great idea!


  5. holy crap! this is amazing! i wish i knew how to sew. boo.

  6. so cute! I love this idea!

  7. Great work, the outfit looks great!

  8. Love it, just Wish I could wear it also :-)

  9. I am sooooo gonna try this!!! I put this also on my pinterest page, hope you don’t mind!
    Greetings, Katrien/Belgium.

  10. so cute! I love the blue shoes.

  11. love love love

  12. Where is the fabric from? looks great!

  13. Love this print and the style. It looks so cute to change the length and style everyday.

  14. Ooh this is lovely! I know what I’ll be making myself tomorrow. You’ve styled it really well too, love the whole outfit! =)

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  16. Awesome! :)

    I have the same stretchy fabric and might give it i try soon 😉


  17. I’m going to try this this week!! I’ve been dying to make some new church clothes and this is perfect. Thanks for the tutorial! :)


  18. I am so inlove with that skirt and the fact it is so easy to use. Thanks for sharing! You look lovely! Because of your altered jeans, I finally decided to go ahead and altered my thrifted one. Thanks!

  19. This is a killer skirt. I have to add it to the pile of tutorials you have posted that I have to try that is growing. (and growing) Except I have the perfect fabric for this one in my stash so at least I can put it on the top of the pile. 😀

  20. Love this! I may have to give it a try! Thanks for the tutorial!

  21. I buy a similar one in a thrift store and I did the same thing cause it was too big for my size. Easy-to-do :)

  22. Do you have any idea how incredibly stunning you are? I mean, look at you! Whoa. Fabulous, laydee!

  23. Great job, the skirt is just your style.

  24. I made this today, and it is the FIRST time that a skirt fit soooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. obsessed with your blog!!!! Cant wait to do this to all my rompers!!! new follower and cannot wait to read more!

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    loose leaf tea

  26. ooo. I’m excited about this one. It looks doable and I can just imagine how many different skirts I can make of this same style. 😀

  27. where did you get the fabric? I love it!

  28. This was so easy! I made 2- one for my 14 year old and one for my 10 year old. One of them wanted it longer so I was able to make a slit at the seam so she could walk easier. Great instructions! Thanks!

  29. Lovely Skirt… Thank you for sharing this very helpful tutorial. You and the skirt look fabulous!

  30. Danesha Burrows says:

    You did a great job. What is the exact name of the fabric? I am having trouble selecting a fabric because I do not have access to a good fabric store so I want to know the names so I can buy the correct fabric online. Thank you.

    • I used an interlock knit so it was a little thicker and not as stretchy as a jersey knit. I would always buy a swatch first!

  31. I’m so excited to try this! I love the way pencil skirts look, and I’m going to bet they’ll look super awesome on my, but I haven’t been able to find one that fits both my waist (tiny) and my hips (uber-ginormous). I’m not a stick, and I’m SO ready to show it off!

  32. I followed your tutorial and bam it turned out!!
    Red pencil skirt for Christmas party !

  33. Gorgeous!

  34. lot for sale cavite says:
  35. LOVE this skirt! I just made my own this AM and your tutorial was super easy to follow. Thank you! http://bit.ly/1XcRnOr


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