I love this top! It’s modest, yet a little racy! Ohlala! If you still love the look yet don’t want to show back you can easily slap a tank top under it and you’re ready to go. This top was surprisingly easy and fun to make, I was so happy it turned out in the end. Now I just need to buy a cute colored tank top to wear under it so I can actually take this baby out and about.

Men’s tee
elastic (a little small then the size of your waist)
sewing machine
*If your shirt is really big, then you may need to take in the sleeves and a little bit in the chest area (not too much, you still need it to be roomy)
1. Cut up the side seams of the shirt, including the sleeves.
2. Measure and cut a few inches below the bra line. Measure and cut 4 to 5 inches below that in a tapered shape like the picture below.
3. Take the bottom piece and hem the top curved part under a quarter inch.
4. Gather with a piece of elastic, make the elastic the length that would sit comfortably from side seams to side seam to hit your lower back.
5. line up the shoulder seams and the shoulders then cut the neckline, cut the back open just a little more then usual.
6. Hem the neckline a quarter inch.
7. Fold the middle back piece over 1.5″ to lay centered topstitch a rectangle over each edge..
8. Hem the bottom of the back of the shirt (near the bra line) a half inch.
9. Pin the shirt up on the side seams, and incorporate the bottom gathered half now, making it overlap with the top piece. Sew it up. Then take it in where you wish. 
10. Line up the side seams and cut out the bottom how you wish.
11. Hem the bottom.
12. Add buttons.