+ Sheer high low dress tutorial

I made this dress back in China and never got around to doing a post on it due to becoming pregnant and feeling sick then not being able to fit into it….but here it is now! Still loving it the day I made it a year ago. I love how comfy it is with the elastic waist, yet is is uber feminine. Perfect for that special date that you want to feel comfy by look stunning! This dress does take a little bit more time, but it is easy to do with very little seams. If you want to see a similar dress I made and wore when pregnant go here, and see it non-maternity here.
2 yards sheer fabric
1 yard of lining fabric – optional (preferably matching the sheer fabric color)OR use the sheer for under
elastic – enough to fit around your waist when stretched
sewing machine
*optional – serger


1. Cut the top of the dress from tracing a non-stretchy top you like the fit of, you only need to cut till your natural waist, plus an inch. Add seam allowances. (like picture 1)

2. Cut out a rectangle for the bottom section of the dress that measures at least twice the length of your waist, and the length as long as you want.
3. Cut out 2 more rectangles, one more sheer fabric and lining. You can just choose to have the sheer underneath or the lining underneath. I choose the sheer. You can just wear a slip underneath if you don’t want to add lining. Make them (which ever or both) a comfortable width around the knees when walking.
4. Sew the to ends of the skirt part together and inner sheer part and/or lining part together to make a couple skirts.
5. Gather all bottom halves/skirts and sew them together with a straight stitch. Gather them to be as wide as your hips, the elastic will make it as wide as you waist. (like picture 2)
6. Cut the bottom skirt part into a taper if you like. Do this by laying the bottom flat so front of the skirt is facing forward and the one back seam of the skirt is facing backwards. Make sure the under skirts whether lining or sheer is cut straight across a few inches above the highest tapered part of the skirt.
7. Hem all the skirts.
8. Sew up the sides and shoulders  of the top with straight stitch.
9. Hem the neckline and sleeves.
10. Pull the top into the dress so the raw edges or openings are touching, with right sides touching. Because the skirts are gathered and the top is not, I marked every fourth of both openings, on the top and the bottom to make it perfectly even. So you will need to gather the  the bottom’s opening as you go.
11. Finish the edge by serging or running a zig zag stitch along the raw edge.
12. Measure the elastic to fit stretched comfortably around your waist. Mark the elastic and the raw edge into fourths. Match up the markings. Sew on the elastic while stretching it to line up on the markings.



  1. Looks amazing!

  2. So cute!

  3. LOVE!
    when I grow up I want to sew like you lol :)

  4. Great tutorial Liz, love the fit of this dress. Can’t wait to try this!

    Allie of http://www.meadow-rue.com

  5. Amazing look <3

  6. gorgeous! love this diy tutorial.
    kw, Ladies in Navy

  7. Adding this to my ever growing list of tutorials of yours to make. Thanks for the inspiration! -Heidi http://fabricandfrosting.blogspot.no/

  8. Simple and beautiful! Love the mullet dress trend right now!


  9. Love it! I cannot wait to make one after I deliver.

  10. you look so stunning! wish i could do stuff like this too!

  11. That is so cute!! I LOVE the color


  12. I adore this dress!

  13. Amazing!

  14. Cute dress!!! I just did an outfit post too today!

  15. amazing! I cannot believe you made this! Well, I can, but I can’t believe you make it look so easy!

  16. I LOVE this, Liz. I want one!

  17. thanks for the tutorial 😀

  18. What did you use for the liner; just a cotton? Thanks! I can’t want to make this!

    • You use a thin polyester fabric that would match the sheer fabric. There are tons of kinds of linings. I like mine drapey and thin.

  19. thank’s for this tut. would love to try this one one of these days.

  20. Just gorge!! Can’t believe how many things you make without patterns. I’m always worried about fit unless it’s a knit, but you look great in yours!

  21. Hi!!! i´m 19 and i think your blog is amazing!!! you have always great ideas!!!,i´ve changed a lot of my clothes with your diy!!…blessings from Argentina!!!!

  22. So Pretty! :)

  23. It’s very fine and good looking. I like your cut, It’s so cute, I like this so much.
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  24. wow. you look so gorgeous!



  25. I found C & C while recovering from a river inner-tubing accident requiring painful surgery, and the inspiration and positivity of the site perked me up, restored my optimism, and has me enthused about attempting some – or all! – of the projects. I love the beautiful family and individual photos, the happy, friendly blog posts, and the mind-bogglingly creative insights into reworking and designing fashion forward clothing and accessories. Pretty much, C & C meets all my needs without any of the downsides of other commercially-contaminated sites – and the instructions seem easy to understand. I’m looking forward to being able to use my sewing machine pedal foot again soon and I’ve got some C & C goals lined up! Thank you for pulling me out of my sulk and making me interested in making stuff again. I am most interested in the sparkly collar (but I also LOVE the sheer dress, the pencil skirt, the bathing suit…..well, everything!)

  26. Waw, I like the asymmetrical drop, it gives a wispy look !

  27. Delighted that I found your site, fantastic info. I will bookmark and try to visit more frequently.

  28. Wow! Fantastic! YOu have a real talent! Keep it up!

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  29. Love the slippers!! Awesome photo!!!
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  30. The dress is really pretty. I’ve been looking all over for a tutorial on how to make a dress like this and I have to admit that the idea of sewing a sheer material makes me a little nervous. I think I’ll bookmark this tutorial for when I feel a bit more confident with my sewing abilities. But thanks for posting this.

  31. hi! i love your blog! I’m just in the middle of attempting this dress, but wondered if you used lining in the top bit or is it just sheer with a slip worn underneath? thanks!

  32. So awesome, saw a very similar one Example Enviius.com – think it was $15 plus shipping.

  33. Perfect for that special date that you want to feel comfy by look stunning! This Cheap Sweater Dresses For Women
    does take a little bit more time, but it is easy to do with very little seams.

  34. Theresa says:

    Can you do a video tutorial and the link doesn’t work by the way. This got to be my favorite tutorial of all time! The dress looks so beautiful and it suits you well. It’s so BEAUTIFUL and FLOWING!!! .<

  35. Any tips for handling sheers? I love this dress but have a diff time w the slippery fabric

  36. Lori Thomas says:

    I have a question I hope you can help me with. I have a friend that was given a dress like this. The front- high part is too short for her so she wants some fabric added at the bottom. She needs 4 inches. I found some fabric to use but not sure how to do it so it will be the same length after I am done. Or, how can I add to it and still keep it high/low. Does that make sense? I usually work with a pattern and this one is difficult. Please help.

    Thanks, Lori Thomas

  37. It looks amazing! I just have one question, would you say its an easy project for beginners?

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