+ The past 3 weeks and Oli is 3 months!

 These past 3 weeks have been crazy! Oli turned 3 months old, I had my 5 year anniversary at our favorite date spot Bombay house (5 and a half years ago this was the same place I awkwardly asked him if he wanted to marry me), I’ve been going choclate dipping crazy hence the the carmel apple pie apples, I attended Justin Hackworth’s 30 strangers artist’s reception and loved the photo of my and my mumsie (one day I will tell you the story behind the meaning of this photo), I love sticking Beck in oversized sweatshirts – it reminds me of how little he still is – he is getting so big, then last and most fun the craft event I attended to help spread the word about an awesome ebook called a hip handmade holiday – that is where I made those pillows with my craft partner Oli. It was so awesome!! You should check out the ladies behind the book Alison and Susan – get ready…. the book will be coming out in a few weeks.


  1. I love all your photos!

    xo Emily

  2. So nice post!%)) Be happy!%)

  3. he is sooo cute :) what a happy baby


  4. Happy anniversary! The Bombay House is one of our favorites too. :)

  5. Was that the crafty party they were having at Vivint? I work right next door to where that was!

  6. I do the same thing with Adrian. He’s 7 months but I don’t mind putting a large coat or onsie on him. It makes me feel a little better.

  7. Love your blog, it is soo inspiring! I just added you as inspiring seamstress in an RSS in my sidebar, check to my blog if you would like. :)


  8. Happy anniversary :)
    You are so pretty!

  9. You asked him to marry you?! It sounds like there’s a great story there … would love for you to share it some time! 😉

  10. Our first date was to the Bombay House. We got to go back a few years ago- so many great memories!

  11. Love these photos! I asked my husband too! And we are almost 5 years and on our second baby!

  12. Looks like fun Liz! Loving your son in that big sweater :) too cute! p.s. I think I want a caramel apple for breakfast! p.s.s. me, you, Diana and whoever else need to get together sometime!

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