+ Trouser refashion Swap – score!

Boy of boy do I love how this turned out! Thank you to Suzannah from Adventures in Dressmaking for making this VERY well fitted red color blocked trouser for me. It is as if she made it to mold my body perfectly. If you want to see the tutorial and before picture head on over here to her site and check out how it is done (as well as many other awesome tutorials – she is an amazing seamstress)! My bad on the bunchy knees…
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  1. Love these! The pop of color is amazing, and the fit is perfect on you :) You look great!

  2. Those pants are fabulous!!! I seriously love this entire outfit!! You look so gorgeous too.

  3. The color at the bottom with those pale shoes is perfect. LOVE!


  4. Oooh, they look so cute on you! I love seeing the colorblock hem on–may have to make some for myself now!

    • They are awesome…they fit perfect! I mean it was as if you were here sizing me. I’m definitely going to wear these all the time. Thanks! Oh…and I love that you made them high waisted (my favorite!).

  5. So cute!! Love everyone’s swaps.

    xo Emily

  6. Never, ever would have come up with such a cute idea! Genius! Love them. xoxo

  7. So cute on you Liz!

  8. Classic. The styling is pitch perfect!

  9. Nice Look!!! I love them!!! Many Greets Jeannette


  10. That pop of colour is a great take on high waisted trousers. Great work Suzannah! May just have to try this myself… 😉

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  11. Beauty and the Beast! Only I can say that! Justin told me “stop smiling” and so, I did and I look like that cranky teacher you had in grade school. Terrific. (The sarcasm is fairly dripping off that one.) Mom xoxo But at least I have a lovely daughter, right?

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