+ Tulip wrap skirt tutorial

Who doesn’t love a tulip wrap skirt? Super easy to make, comfy, and cute! I used the discarded polka dot polyester fabric from this dress I refashioned, and grabbed an anchor button and had at it! Loving the burgandy, polka dots, and tulip skirt trends right now. Also great if you are planning on losing or gaining weight (like pregnancy or postpartum) because you can wrap the skirt smaller or bigger with every added button hole.
1.5 yards of flowy fabric (polyester, rayon, knit)
sewing machine
Cut the piece of fabric in one of the shapes below, making the top your waist length x2 plus 12″-16″ for the cross over in the front. 
**This will be less flowy and more flat in the front (unlike mine)
**This will be more flowy, the more curved the top the more flowy it will be (like mine). I first started cutting a thick and wide V shape and then rounded the sharp edges out. So my skirt was even more angled then this.
1. Hem the edges.
2. Gather the top of the skirt tip it is the length of you waist plus 12″-16″ for the cross over.
3. Make a big bias tape as wide as you like it x2  with an extra inch and the length. Fold over and iron in half, then fold/iron one side in a quarter inch. 
4. Fold over and iron both ends.
5. Pin and sew the un folded part to the gathered top and sew a straight stitch. Fold up and iron.
6. Fold over the waistband to the other back side and pin down. Sew a topstitch along the edge of the waistband on the outside of the skirt. 
 7. Add 2 buttons to the front of one side, 6″ to 9″ apart depending on how much you want the skirt to cross over. Then make 2 button holes the same width across on the other side. You can make extra holes to adjust waist size (if you have more bulkiness one day underneath or whatnot). If you want the buttons and button holes to be hidden to be hidden, sew the button hole on just one side of the waist before step 5.


  1. Great tutorial! This is a very pretty and cute skirt!

  2. Very Cute!

  3. Love it! Defenitely gonna make it!

  4. Look great and easy Liz! Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. i love it! although it looks like something that would be difficult to wear while sitting… because the two sides might separate and then be showing too much leg for me but, nonetheless i will definitely give it a try.

  6. I love this! I may try making one soon.

  7. Thank you for this tutorial! I was looking for a tulip skirt pattern a few weeks ago, but this looks doable without having to purchase and then cut out a pattern.

  8. Pretty!

  9. great!! beautiful skirt.

  10. Beautiful skirt! Reminds me of my ballet wrap skirts I use to wear to class. Thank you!

  11. That’s really very nice! I’ll try it for sure

  12. This is beautiful! I’ve pinned this tutorial ready for the weekend =) Thanks for sharing this, can’t wait to make one!
    Nikki Joy x

  13. wuau! love the skirt
    how always, thanks for your tutorials!


  14. Beautiful skirt! I must do this :) Thanks for tutorial :)

  15. Thanks for the tutorial, wonderful skirt I must do this…

  16. This is so pretty!!! Thank you for the tutorial, I must do it too!!

  17. Oh my gosh! This is just the kind of skirt I am in need of right now to go with the numerous leotards I am making! I’ve been looking high and low and wracking my brain for the right kind of skirt for the look im going for and this is exactly it! Funny how things work out, isn’t it?

  18. Very beautifull!! i love it!!

  19. This looks so doable for an amateur sewer like me!! Thanks!!

  20. That is adorable! Do you ever make and sell your clothes! I want a skirt like that


  21. You are Amazing!!! Such a great idea, thanks for sharing!


  22. so cute skirt.. love it. :)
    Irene Wibowo

  23. great! Thanks! Now I´ll have one more pretty skirt in my closet! =) You’ re beautiful!

  24. This is one of the cutest skirt tutorials I’ve seen in a while! 😀


  25. Soo cute, I will definitely attempt making one! Thanks for another great tutorial!

  26. I love this. Your tutorials are great for a sewing amateur like me. I might give this a go.



  27. Very cute!!

  28. Really cute skirt and awesome tutorial. Thanks for sharing <3


  29. Amazing skirt! Loving the pattern and cut. You are so talented! -Heidi http://fabricandfrosting.blogspot.no/

  30. J’adore!!!!!!!!!

  31. Must try this!

  32. WOnderful! I love it!!!

  33. love the skirt, also the shoes!

  34. ADORE!!! Oh my this is the perfect skirt! I think I’ll be making multiples!!


  35. Absolutely love! Such a clever idea!

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  36. Such a great tutorial and a very cute skirt for fall!!
    Seamingly Smitten
    sewing patterns


  37. Such a beautiful skirt! Love the fabric choice and the anchor button!

  38. this is so cute! your blog is so darling and we are your newest followers! come follow along at chaseandem.blogspot.com Xo

  39. p.s. I just had the best idea to try and make it reversable!


    • Allison says:

      Did you ever end up making this reversible? I was thinking about that too, but I cant really figure out how to do the top part reversible too. Any thoughts?
      — Allison

  40. I Love that skirt- so cute!

  41. Thanks for the awesome tutorial, definitely going to try it :) Question: What’s the easiest way to hem a curve, especially if it’s a lightweight fabric?

  42. I love this idea!!! How long (vertically) do you suggest the skirt should be cut at its longest point? Maybe 25in if it starts at my natural waist?

  43. I mentioned your tutorial in a blog post I did, I hope it’s ok!

    Thanks for all the tips, they’re great.

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  46. can chen says:

    so so beautiful.

  47. What a pretty skirt! I have a charoal gray fabric with white polka dots that would be PERFECT! Thanks for a great tutorial! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    Visiting from Sew Pretty Sew Free.

  48. Making to wear for my daughter’s first birthday!

  49. The skirts looks great. I’m a bit confused by the two skirt shapes tho…on the second shape the waistline measurement appears to be longer than first. Was than intentional or just how the image looks? When using the second shape do you still use the formula of waistline x2 plus 12″-16″ or is this measurement longer to allow for more gathering?

  50. love this.. perfect to be my first project in sewing.. thank you for sharing..

  51. Hi! I’ve been reading your site for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Huffman Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the excellent work!

  52. Oh, it looks easy enough I can do it!! 😉 I was wondering if you could use an upholstery fabric, make it a little longer, and wear it in the winter?? Thanks for posting the how-to! =)

  53. Natalie says:

    It didn’t work out. This seemed really easy but once put into action it sucked. It just turned out awkward.

  54. Is there anyway you could make a video tutorial of this?

  55. video tutorial?

  56. Sherry S says:

    I would love to see a video tutorial for this! Such a cute skirt.

  57. i simply must try this! it looks spectacular and simple which is good because i have minimum sewing experience aha!
    thank you for sharing this!

  58. this is lovely!
    i wanted to let you know that i gave it a try and posted about the experience. thank you for sharing the how-to!


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  62. theresa says:

    do u have any ideas on how to length a wrap tulip skirt i have a beautiful one that just seems too short and im in my 50s … mine is a silky grey color very dressy .. do you think adding a bit of sheer fabric all along the hemlines would help.

  63. I just made one of these and I love it! It was such a fun project. I am a total beginner when it comes to sewing, so the pictures and directions were a little confusing to me… but I still got a skirt out of it so that’s ok! Thank you so much :) My favorite part is that I can add buttons onto the waist band to wear during pregnancy, or if I want it higher or lower on my waist.

  64. Great communication with seller.


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