+ This weeks inspiration: Animal prints

Is it just me or is there animal print madness in all the stores, streets, blogs, magazines, runways, and what have you? And don’t you looooove them? My particular favorite animals right now are foxes and deer, mainly because my husband maybe obsessed with these 2 animals as well. It is a perfect fit for my wardrobe and my house, and luckily my husband and Beck are all about it. These prints are reltiviely easy to find in the stores and if you are anything like me, you enjoy the thrill of making it more than buying it. So I just had to do some sort of project on it of course, which you will see this week! Get ready for it baby.


  1. Can’t wait to see your DIY for this! I’ve been dying to make one, so I’m excited to see how you do it!

  2. The fox one if my favourite :) Can’t wait to see what you have in store x

  3. I want a fox sweater! Can’t wait to see it

    xo Emily

  4. The black T-shirt is sooo cool!

  5. I got a sweater IDENTICAL to #3 at Target the other day for $20. I should of known they ripped someone off! Doh! It’s wicked cute though!

  6. Everything is animal sweaters right now.