+ DIY tulle skirt tutorial

clutch: gigi new york   skirt: self-made  top: forever 21  watch: gift  belt&shoes: old
I’m so excited about this skirt! I found it easier to make than I imagined even though it did take a couple trial by errors. But honestly, I want to wear this everyday….I just need a party to go to…unless you were like me and you wear it out to run everyday errands. And oh did I go the funniest looks, it was hilarious – people sneaking glances when that I caught in the reflection off the freezer section’s doors. I loved it. It didn’t help that I paired it with boots and a camo-jacket. Instructions after the below!
On another note, I rarely used clutches due to the whole having a new baby thing, but now that he is older, I started to carry around smaller bags and kept diapers/wipes in the car if I really needed them. I just love the smaller clutches, they are so beautiful. This gigi new york clutch is one of my favorites too, with its gold tassels and real leather, the I had the hardest time choosing from all the colors, hence the black.
Pictures done by the talented Corey Bryson.

Me waiting….in the snow…..

6-13 yards of tulle
1.5 – 2 yards of lining – I used a thin knit that matched the tulle perfectly
elastic the width, when stretched, to the natural waist
optional – static guard
1. How much and what kind of tulle to buy – find the softest/flowy-est tulle you can. I found some for $.75 a yard at Ja-anns. Mine was still pretty stiff, but after some washing, ironing and some static guard, the tulle softens up a bit.
*6 yards – If the width of the tulle (selvage to selvage) is 54″ you can use 1.5 yards per layer, do at least 6 yards if you want 4 layers and the skirt to be around knee length at the longest (unless you are really tall or you have wider hips).
*13 yards – If the width of the tulle is less than 54″ or you want the skirt to be longer oryou have wider hips, or you want to be safe (I bought 14 yards originally) then you will need to buy more.
***I did the two bottom layers the first way, by folding 1.5 yards in half and not gathering the waist. and the top two layers I cut individually from the 2 pieces of 60″ laying on top of each other,  so I can cut deeper into the waist for a greater gather.
2. Cut the tulle into the circle or half circle depending on the size you’re going for with these two simple calculations. The easiest way to do this is to take a longer measuring tulle (can reach at least as long as you need) and put one end at the center of the fold where the center of you waist will be and cut a half circle out by slowly sliding the measurement devise around like a rainbow or half circle. then to do the waist, repeat with the radius of your waist size.
 For the bottom two layers and the lining, you won’t gather the waist to help the skirt not be too poofy. To cut this out of the tulle fold the 1.5 yards of tulle in half, (unless you are going to use more then do the 60″ on 60″) and mark out a half circle from off the fold – take your hip size divided by pie (3.14), then divided by 2 gives you a radius. Then add that radius to the length you would want the skirt.
hip / 3.14 / 2 = Radius + skirt length = half circle template for non-gathered layers
To do the the top two gathered layers you need to do the same equation as above, but add 2-4 inches to the radius to create the gather for the waist. But you still need to make sure the length of the skirt equals the same length of the skirt’s above  even though this one has a deeper waist.
hip / 3.14 / 2  + 2″-4″ = gathered waist’s radius + skirt length = half circle template for gathered layers
After you have cut the half circle or whole depending on your folding/tulle amount you need, cut out the waists.
3. Once you have cut them all out, sew up the sides to complete the circles if you used the second method of cutting (when you are using more tulle). Check out the dotted lines in step 3 of the diagram.
4. Gather the waist’s of the top two gathered layers to your hip size by sewing a basting stitch along the top knotting it at one end and not the other. Gather the skirt by pulling the thread to your hip size. You can see that in picture picture 4.
5. Sew the 4 tulle layers together with a straight stitch.
6. Sew the elastic’s ends together, try it on and make sure it fits snug and it can slide over your hips.
7. Sew the lining to the elastic with a zig zag stitch. Do this by placing the wrong side and the raw edge of the lining to the elastic, then stretch the elastic to fit the opening of the lining. There will be a little of a gather from the elastic.
8. Repeat step 7 with the tulle layers.
7. Trim the excess fabric.
9. Flip the elastic over the newly trimmed raw edge to hide it, so the top of the elastic, will now be the bottom. Sew the lining down to the bottom of the elastic on the inside of the skirt.
—no hemming necessary, tulle doesn’t fray. You may need to hem the lining if you used a fray-able lining. Mine was knit so I didn’t need to.


  1. You look gorgeous! The skirt turned out so cute.
    Love your hair :)

  2. you’re the best :) ant you look just perfect!!

  3. Only a doll like you can pull this look off! Gorgeous girlie!

  4. this is so beautiful!
    kw, Ladies in Navy

  5. love it!!! great place for the photos too!

  6. oh my goodness absolutely beautiful! you look like a snow princess!!! the skirt and the snow is just perfect together :) i wasn’t into the whole tulle skirt trend but after seeing this, i think i want one!

  7. How can anyone look so pretty and be so talented?? I looove your skirt! Definitely trying to do it as well :))

    • Feminista says:

      How can anyone be so superficial as to believe talent and looks are mutually exclusive?? I loooove your closed-mindedness! Definitely try opening up a little bit and not being stupid :))

  8. You look so gorgeous! The photos are amazing and the outfit is just wow!

  9. Okay this is so awesome!! I absolutely love this look- very excited to try it! Thanks for sharing!!

    p.s. I’m having a giveaway on my blog today- check it out! x

  10. Okay, in the SNOW?! I live in Santa barbara and I’m not daring enough to rock that in the winter. I am a baby, though, when it comes to cold.

    Love the skirt, made something similar when I was in college for Halloween. It was my favorite costume yet!

  11. This is fantastic. You wear the tulle well. It doesn’t look over done but instead sweet and classy. Lovely.

  12. I can’t believe how much you can accomplish! You’re a mom, a master seamstress, AND a blogger? Where are you hiding the magic potion?!?

    That being said, I LOVE this skirt! It’s so romantic and playful and beautiful. Kind of reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex & the City!


  13. absolutely marvelous skirt :)

  14. I am definitely going to have to try to make this! You look like a lovely little snow princess :)
    peace&love, Jill
    Favor the Brave
    Enter my giveaway here!

  15. You rock it. I would have smiled and given you the thumbs up in the grocery store.

  16. So beautiful!

  17. oh my goodness… this is ADORABLE.
    and the pics are LOVELY.
    i want to see the boot/camo jacket outfit :)

    xo – heather

  18. I Love it. I’m will be for sure calling or knocking if I have any questions. I’m so excited!!!!

  19. I’ve failed making so many skirts, but this one doesn’t seem all that hard. perhaps in the new year? :)

  20. Awesome,,,thanks so much for this tute!!!

  21. Awww. You look so pretty.

  22. A multi layered tulle circle skirt? What a great idea! You look lovely! I’m totally making one for my daughter. :)

  23. I love your DIY!! your blog is such an inspiration.

  24. These pictures are absolutely magical. You are so stunning, lady!

    The skirt is lovely, I’ll have to give making one a whirl. Perfect for party season.

    Lauren x
    Gordon + Gold

  25. This is my first time commenting on your blog….
    I say, too cute, and I would have told you so at the market!

  26. So soft and feminine.

  27. Im kind of dying inside.
    One day I may be able to figure something like this out. Until then I shall sit and admire.
    Way to be AWESOME.

  28. If only I had my sewing machine with me! Love this. You are awesome!

  29. Just found my new years dress ! GOrg!!!

  30. Omgosh! You look amazing!! so pretty.

  31. this is absolutely stunning, and you look absolutely amazing in it! Your photos are always just perfection. So well done!!!

  32. Do you sell them?? This is soooo gorgeous!

  33. So pretty! I love the skirt!!

  34. I love your handbag!And skirt, of course :)

  35. I really love this look! It’s so fun and feminine!


  36. I love that skirt so so much!
    And you look great in it! So lovely!
    I am going to make some, too :).

    Kejmy ♥.

  37. Next year christmas party outfit…this is at the top of my list.
    Method Clothe

  38. Any chance there is a video?? I’m so challenged when it comes to reading patterns and things and I’m slightly confused

  39. Any chance there is a video?? I’m so challenged when it comes to reading patterns and things and I’m slightly confused

  40. How GORGEOUS are you?! Just came across your blog looking for a tutorial. :) I’ll definitely be sure to come back!!
    Nikki at http://www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

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  42. My wedding dress has a tulle skirt just like this – maybe I can remove the bodice and re-use the skirt! I doubt I’ll get chance to wear the whole dress again, but the skirt part by itself could work! Love how you’ve styled yours!

  43. I love everything here: the place, your hair, a fairy skirt matched with snow and your poses. Adorable!

  44. oh dear this is unbelievably beautiful! your tulle skirt is absolutely perfect and this is such an awesome outfit! <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  45. What a great skirt – I can’t wait to try it!


  46. Unfortunately, this skirt didn’t work out for me at all! I was so excited, I loved the look, but so much went wrong when sewing it.
    All in all, I spent over $20 and 3 1/2 hours on a skirt that didn’t work out. I don’t know what went wrong, and I know she had to do multiple attempts to get it to work, but I don’t have that much extra time and money to keep at it.
    Very cute idea, though, and I hope others have better luck than I did.

    • I’m sorry! Can you send me a picture of the outcome? You can take it apart (if it isn’t too messed up) and try it again. What was wrong with it?

    • Maybe I need to put a video up too?

    • I think a video would be very helpful! We already threw out the skirt but I do have pictures of when I wore it that I could email. I think we were just unclear on measurements because we ended up not having enough material to do the lining as described and the layers all ended up different lengths. Also, the elastic lost its stretch when sewn on to the other layers so we had to rip it to even get it around my waist and I just safety pinned it for the night! Thanks for the response, I’ll send the email with pictures.

  47. This skirt is amazing! When I’m feeling ambitious I will have to try it!

  48. SUCH a cute design! One question, I’m a little confused about the bottom layers…if they are not gathered, then the elastic can’t stretch to get the skirt on. I understand that the top layers would be longer to compensate for the fluffiness and a steeper cut into the waist. I’m just confused about what to do with those bottom layers and how to measure those.

  49. I ADORE this skirt but the instructions are a little confusing to me. I think I need about a gazillion pictures to understand, lol! I would LOVE a video though, that is a fabulous idea! :)

  50. defiantly putting my vote in for a video as well. like marcyann00 said, I don’t understand how the bottom layers stretch if they’re not gathered or how any of the tulle stretches at all if you straight stitch all the layers together. a video would help so much…….plus it’d give you an excuse to make another cute skirt, I’m thinking black would look very pretty, plus it’ll show up nice on camera 😀

  51. I LOVE this skirt and used it for inspiration to make one for myself! I followed a different tutorial, but it came out just as cute. I’m planning to wear it to Vegas for a bachelorette party this weekend though I don’t know if it will be quite warm enough. Thanks for the inspiration and I love your blog! You have such great ideas! Thanks

  52. Very cute! I plan on making one for a friend. :)

  53. since the bottom 2 layers dont actually stretch, how do you get the skirt over your hips and onto your waist?

    • I say to make the openings yours waist size….so its should perfectly slide over them! The elastic will make the hop sized openings gather down to your waist size.

  54. Justyna says:

    Hi, I love that skirt and was looking for tutorial for some time now… And found your blog which is great! and you look gorgeous! I’m bit lost with measurements as I’m using cm. I found tulle that is 300cm/ about 3 yd wide, how much meters I wold have to buy then? I’m quite tall 170cm / 5ft 6 59/64in, and slim (not as you;) but similar) and would like the same length of skirt as yours. Hope you can help. Thanks

  55. Silk Empress says:

    I’m kinda confused about the shooting. I’m a begins at the whole sewing thing.have a video?

  56. Silk Empress says:

    Meant to say whole thing……not shooting……

  57. I love this! Can’t wait to try it :)

  58. Love the skirt !! But the directions are terrible. I am confused on how to make it. You should make a video so we can see what you did because the pictures are a little helpful but don’t explain everything. But other than that i love what you did and thanks for showing how to make it. :)

  59. I *think* I have this figured out. I have 2″ waist elastic, so placement is going to be problematic, but I think that I can handle. Just real quick, though, did you stretch the elastic again when flipping the whole set over and reinforcing? It seems logical to do so, but I thought I’d consult the expert :) I’m working on the assumption that stitches to the waistband were zigzags (that’s what they look like in the photo). Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  60. This is delightful. I already own a black and white tulle skirt (both store bought) but would love to make a mint or pale pink one. Did you use the full 14 yards for yours or less than that? Your fullness is perfect. Thanks!

  61. How thick should my elastic be? And do I need to strech the elastic to get figure 9? Thanks a lot <3

  62. Loved your skirt so much I had to make my own for the holidays. As some of your other followers posted, the directions were a bit difficult to follow. I read and reread them over and over…. hoping to figure it out, but just needed a little extra help. Hopefully this will help others who want to make this skirt!! So I went onto Youtube and typed in “DYI circle skirt”, the best one was by Tyianna Marie ( her skirt was short tough). I measured how long I wanted the skirt from my waist and made a templete like she suggested. I followed your directions about the 4 layers which was plenty of tulle. The knit lining I used was a 4 way stretch ( perfect) but too heavy for a complete circle, so I trimmed about 6 inches off of each side and stitched up the sides once more. I also watched one more Youtube to figure out how to attach the waistband, “How to sew a peekaboo tulle skirt” by smarmyclothes. Her biggest help was to mark the tulle and waistband on 4 sides and pin the marks together and adjust the gathering in between. Also make sure to use a zigzag stitch so that it will stretch when you pull it on. This was brilliant.
    I got so many compliments my skirt…Very White Christmas!! Thank you for your inspiration!! I will post a pic of my skirt on pinterest Stacey Vargas in a day or two under My Style. Hope this helps all!!

  63. Karolina says:

    Your skirt is gorgeous! Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial – I’ve just finished my own skirt and I’m defininitely going to be star of the prom .) K.

  64. Leah Renee says:

    Hi! This is so cute! I love it! Darling! Would you be willing to make a video tutorial? I’m sometimes not the best at reading instructions so if you made a video tutorial it would be super helpful! I really want to make this skirt! Love it!

  65. my friend made me this for my birthday. i ‘helped’ by cutting a little bit lol we were too excited to wash the tulle beforehand, what do you recommend for cleaning and ironing afterwards??

    it turned out so cute, we did it in black, and i have already figured out about 5 outfits for it and plan to wear it for my birthday next week!! thanks for posting the tutorial, all in all it only cost us the tulle (15 bucks for 20 yards cause she’s gonna make one herself too) and elastic. we used an old foldover skirt for the liner!

    • DON’T iron it!! It will ruin all the lovely work you did! I don’t think tulle shrinks in the wash, so washing after should be fine :)

  66. I made this skirt last night! It turned out beautifully. I did alter step 9 a bit because I had a two-sided elastic that I wanted to be able to switch between. Thank you so much for your tutorial! Far superior to any others I found. :)


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  68. Annemarie says:

    Hai from holland I finally fount someone(you!!) that has simple way to make skirts thank you

  69. Victoria says:

    I know this is a weird question but how much tulle would I need to make this skirt about 3 time puffer cuz I love super puffy skirts.

  70. OMG, I love it! I’ve been wanting a tullee skirt for so long. Time to go fabric shopping! :)

  71. love Philly says:

    Did you know some random Chinese seller use your picture as theirs? I loved your tutorial and went to eBay to buy some fabric to make one and found your picture.

  72. Please please please make a video tutorial….I can’t follow the directions like I need to!!!! I love this skirt so much!!

  73. If you like tulle skirts you’ll love our GONAs Igg.me/at/GONA

  74. Nice life style and dress are nice as well. I really love this life style. This awesome fashion model, nice dress I fall in love it. Regards, Brian Keo Blog Tutorial Supporter

  75. Hi! This is so cute! I love it! Darling! Would you be willing to make a video tutorial? I’m sometimes not the best at reading instructions so if you made a video tutorial it would be super helpful! I really want to make this skirt! Love it!


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