+ My shop!

I finally did it! I opened a shop – little red creek…well, technically it is my husband’s shop because he is the one that found all of the many many antlers through hundreds of long and sometimes painful hiking in the mountains of Utah. But there it is. 
If you live in the Utah area, you can just stop by my house and pick one out yourself. I have a ton unlisted.


  1. How neat! :) We find them in our woods every once in while :) I just added your shop to my favorites!! Happy Holidays! xx Holly

  2. oh wow…these are so pretty – congratulations on opening your shop!

    i wish i could find antlers around here…
    no such luck in downtown boston :)

    xo – heather

  4. So wonderful, what a great use of found antlers. Welcome to the wonderful etsy community.

  5. So cool! Just be careful, I have a friend who sold antlers online in Canada and was charged, because apparently it is illegal here in Ontario.

  6. Congrats on the new shop opening. Was just thinking about how amazing antlers would be on a mantel.

    Absolutely all the best hopes for the shop!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  7. These are so great. My friend has been looking for an antler!

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