+ Assistance needed….

Well, it is finally time. I need a little bit of help…just a little. I’ve been refusing to ask for any because I’m a perfectionist and don’t think I need it, but ever since little man has entered into my life…its time. And with it being a new year – I’ve got big plans….so I need someone(s) to help me get it all going.
If you are interested in….modeling (need to be a munchkin, I make the clothes in my very short size), photography (or even video), graphic design (desperate for this), being an assistant (just for a few hours a week, you must know super basic blog and html techy stuff), or being a combination of these….let me know. 
Send me an email at cottonandcurls@gmail.com and put ASSISTANT in the subject line.


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. Wish I lived close you’d be so much fun to work with!! And I’m short to boot LOL

  3. I agree with Steph, I’d so volunteer, but I’m sure you don’t live in the boonies where I live ; )

  4. I wish i could! I’m not much of a munchkin though :)


  5. i think i’m a munchkin, but not sure so i emailed you hahaa.


  6. I wish I could! I just did my own blog redesign and still have no idea how to work html – yep my computer was almost thrown a number of times!

  7. Ahh if I lived near you, I totally would!


  8. I do work full time, but anytime to hang out with you would be a blast! Available on Saturdays if you can think of anything I could help you with :)! Hope all is well pretty lady!

  9. I couldn’t help you in the munchkin department as I’m 5’10 (LOL!) but I can help you out with html. I design from scratch using html and css in blogger and wordpress. I’ll email you now.