+ Make this look: vintage valentine’s date

Grace Kelly may be one of the most beautiful woman in the world, that exactly why I looked her up for valentine’s date outfit inspiration. I could have gone with the traditional full or tulle skirt, but don’t we want to be dressing a little on the va-va-voom side? Then pencil skirt, fur coat, and turband it is! She looks like she is going on a romantic getaway for the weekend in a topless convertible doesn’t she. Everything about this photo screams mysterious and romantic. Don’t you want a little bit of that on your upcoming v-day? Well, if you want to make this look: 
Make your turband here.
What you choose to wear underneath is up to you….happy upcoming valentine’s day!


  1. I would wear a pencil skirt every single day of the year if I could. Love this look, haha! Cute idea :)

    xx Ashleigh

  2. oh my goodness, I love this post! This year I have a huge pregnant belly….but next year for sure!

  3. Beautiful!

  4. hello, I’m very curious to see how it will look on you! the next picture?
    thank you for your blog, it is amazing!

  5. Stunning, stunning, stunning. She looks incredible.

    Love the turban. I can’t wait until my hair grows out longer so that I can wear one without looking like I have an ugly mullet.

    Lauren x
    Gordon + Gold

  6. She’s amazing :)

    a quick question, did you ever announce who won the moccasins?
    I think I missed it somehow… :)

  7. Vintage is okay as long as you look good at it. She has nice dress.

    Atouch of silver